Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ashlyne Huff Contest

As some of you know Ashlyne Huff is doing a bunch of radio visits right now. On Monday she will be at Hop 99.5 in Rockville and WZFT in Baltimore. Of course as a part of Ashlyne's street team I will be attending at least one of these radio shows.

I know she hasn't come everywhere on this radio tour so I wanted to give her fans a chance to be apart of the action with a fan gift/contest combo.

Here's how it works. I'm putting together a book of letters to give to Ashlyne on Monday (I know it's not a lot of time). If you want to be a part of this project email me ( a letter/note/picture whatever you want to send to her (that I can print obviously!) by Monday 10 am.

If you send a letter/note/picture/whatever you will be automatically entered in to a random drawing to win something signed by Ashyne. I'm not exactly sure how much time she'll have to sign stuff, but I know I will be getting at least two things signed to give away, but if she has more time I could end up getting a bunch of stuff your odds of winning are decently high.

Ok so recap:

-Email some sort of written/photo creation for Ashlyne and be automatically entered to win an Ashlyne Huff autograph.

- Entries are due by Monday at 10 am.

Any questions?

Congratulations Emma and Stephanie for winning signed Ashlyne Huff pics! I hope you enjoy them!

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