Friday, October 29, 2010


Yes, I spent 78 minutes of my life watching four babies. 
Yes, it was mildly boring.
Yes, I am glad I didn't buy this dvd.
Yes, I am glad I watched it.

While this documentary wasn't the most interesting documentary (except for a few cute baby moments), I think it was important to watch. The cool thing about day in the life type documentaries like this one is that it gives the viewer the opportunity to see things and places they wouldn't normally see or experience.

In light of Selena's recent concert for UNICEF it was amazingly interesting to see the experiences of children in different parts of the world. In particular Ponijao's childhood experience opened my eyes to what it really is like to grow up in a third world country. Her's was the kind of story that made me feel very blessed for what I have. It really made me want to do something to help people who have less than I do.That is the reason that I would recommend this documentary. It's very eye opening.

Edit: I just realized this is probably the part of my review where I probably should post links for organizations where you can help. Since it is halloween I feel like Trick or Treat for UNICEF is completely appropriate. Here's the website where you can find out all the info on how to participate in the program: 

Has anyone else seen this documentary? 

What other documentaries are worth seeing? Let's chat!

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