Sunday, October 10, 2010

Days Difference Contest!

Days Difference Contest
(Must be a US resident!)

Are you ready for the 1st ever Tune Into L contest? You are going to love this one. Trust me its gonna be hard to give away!

At the October 9th Days Difference show we had the guys sign a very special notebook for one lucky Days Difference fan.

If you wanna find out exactly what you have to do to win there are four missions you have to complete.

Mission #1 Get the Tune Into L Site to 200 page views (we’re currently at 96!).

Mission #2 Get the Tune Into L Twitter (@tuneintol) to 165 followers (we’re currently at 65)

Mission #3 Get the Tune Into L Facebook group ( to 163 members.

Mission #4 Get the Tune Into L youtube channel (disneydarling22) 122 subscribers.

The missions can be completed simultaneously. As each mission is completed we will reveal each of the guy’s notebook pages (ie at completion of mission #1 we’ll reveal Micah’s page, at the completion of mission #2 we’ll reveal Jonathan’s page, at the completion of mission #3 we’ll reveal Jeremy’s and at the end of mission #4 we’ll reveal Jeremiah’s).

There’s no time limit on the mission completion, BUT remember the sooner they get completed the sooner we’ll give away the notebook!

Once all four missions are completed we’ll reveal how to enter the contest. (Don’t worry it won’t be too hard!) Ok, so who’s game? Get out there and complete these missions!

Any Questions?


Seeing as Missions 1 & 2 were completed I say it's time to reveal some pictures of this signed notebook prize!

So here we go:

All we need are a few more of you to join the group on facebook and subscribe to the youtube to reveal Jeremiah and Jeremy's pages and well as to reveal the final "task" for winning the notebook. :)

EDIT: So in order to make this contest not be the longest running contest in the history of the world I'm gonna eliminate Missions 3 and 4 (although A it would be nice if you still did them and B I appreciate those who have) and we are going to skip to the entries! 

Here's what you have to do. Comment this post saying why you want this autographed Days Difference notebook. Please also include your name and email address (or twitter if you don't feel comfortable posting your email to the world...just some way to contact you). We will then randomly select one winner next Monday October 25th. 

Thanks for participating. Good Luck. And if you don't win don't worry! We'll be announcing a second Days Difference contest next Monday after the winner of this contest is announced. ;)


And the winner is Mariah Justice! :) Congrats Mariah!


  1. We're at 138 views on the site! Only 62 more to go to see Micah's notebook pages! (woot woot!)

  2. Only 32 more views need on the site, the twitter mission is complete (picture coming soon!), 97 members on the facebook, and 98 subscribers on youtube! :)

  3. Congrats on getting so many followers and page views!!

    The reason I really want to win this autographed notebook is because I am a huuuge Days Difference fan. I only just discovered the band this past summer, but already, they're one of my all-time favorites :)

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  4. @Stephanie Thank you soooo much for all your support! You are entered in the contest!

  5. The reason i want to win is because i'm a reallly big days difference fan! i met some of my best friends through their music! I've been a fan since Feb and only seen them once live because they don't come here often. I think it would be awesome to have something like this from them because they are on my top 3 favorite bands list (: I love these guys alot and they mean alot to me.

    Thanks for the contest and you're awesome! :D
    Mariah Justice

  6. @mariah You're officially entered! Thanks for participating and good luck!