Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exclusive Interview with McDaniel's Own Annedel

If you’re ever looking for good local music there’s no need to look any further than McDaniel’s own campus. Matthew Collins ’13 and Andy Campf ’13 are two of the members of Annedel (you may have seen their free eps in the bookstore). 

We caught up with the guys to see what’s in store for Annedel and what they’re all about.

Q- How would you describe your band to someone who hasn’t heard of you or listened to your music?
Matthew: Think of The Who, Puddle of Mudd, a little grunge, and some indie music shoved into one band.
Andy: We all have similar, but different musical tastes. Matt is into Ska/Alternative/Acoustic, I really enjoy classic rock and our bassist Tom Croke IV is more into punk and heavy metal. We bring our own tastes and try to create something unique and special.
Q- What makes you guys different from every other band out there?
Matthew: For one we don’t use a lot of effects. All of our stuff is mainly raw. What I mean by that is one guitar, one bass, drums, and vocals. Now a days music is overly produced.
Andy: We appeal to a lot of people because our music doesn’t really fit into one genre/niche. So I think its hard to categorize our sound and it should provide us with a wide range of sounds that appeal to many different people with different tastes in music. And we sound really good live.
Q- What song of yours would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to your music before?
Matthew: I would recommend “Empty” which his track three on our EP “Owen Word”.
Andy: I’d say listen ti every song off that album because no two sound the same.
Q- What has been your biggest challenge so far as a band?
Matthew: Working together. Its hard when you have people who share different styles of music trying to write one style.
Andy: Trying to find a bassist. We were looking for a long time and it wasn’t until the end of summer that I met Tom…We jammed with him and we invited him to join because we all meshed together very well.
Q- How did you come up with the band name?
Andy: Annedel is a combination of the words Anne Arundel (the county Matt and Tom are from). I’m from Reisterstown (Baltimore County).
Q- What has been your favorite show to play and why?
Matthew: My favorite show was actually an acoustic show we did at Victory Lounge. Andy couldn’t make it to the show so Tommy and I went to along and played. We had the whole bar singing along. It was the most fun I’ve ever had performing.
Q- How do you get pumped up for a show?
Andy: Practice a little, eat a nice dinner, and mentally prepare to go kick some ass.
Q- What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about performing?
Matthew: My favorite thing about performing is that your in control. Your trying to send a message through your song and people are there to listen. My least favorite thing is getting over nerves. Like anything involving a crowd there’s nerves, so getting my hands to stay steady on the guitar is my least favorite thing. 
Andy: My favorite thing about performing is when you can feel a connection to the audience, and when you can feel them really digging a song, that is really cool. My least favorite is when we get a time limit/Song Limit. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and how you feel.
Q- Who is someone you’d like to play a show with?
Matthew: Though it may never happen, i would love to play with the Red Hot Chili Peppers or even Sublime. (w/ Rome) 
Andy: I would say either The Who (It'd be so cool to open for them) or Rush!!!
Q- Out of all the songs you’ve written/recorded which is your favorite and why?
Matthew: The songs that we recorded I would have to pick "Empty" cause it’s a song that means a lot to me. It had to do with a bad relationship I went through.
Andy: My favorite is For You, and Empty. I wrote for you, and it meant a lot when Matt really liked it, and we decided we were actually gonna record that in studio. Empty, I didn't write, but we had only played through it once in practice, and we recorded it in under 3 takes. So it was really cool with how nice-sounding it came out.
Q- What do you hope your band is accomplishing in a year?
Matthew: I would hope to play a few shows in places like Rams Head Live, 930, and Sonar. 
Andy: Honestly, I want us to be playing a lot of shows, recording more stuff and getting a big big following.
Q- And finally what’s your favorite flavor popsicle?
Matthew: Green Apple all the way.
Andy: Grape, that shit is delicious.

For more info on Annedel check out their site Make sure to pick up a free copy of their ep either on the site or at the campus bookstore. And if you’re free October 25th go out and support them at their show for 98 Rock’s Noise in the Basement at Bourbon Street in Baltimore, MD.

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