Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Oh, The Story

If you’re ever looking for an interesting, fun, friendly local band to see Oh, The Story! Just might be what you’ve been looking for. In music circles in Maryland they’ve been compared to such bands as The Graduate, The Spill Canvas, and Anarbor.

Check out this exclusive interview with JW Sargent, the band’s guitarist.

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Q- How would you describe your band to someone who hasn't heard of you or listened to your music?

A- We are a live band.  We shine on the stage I would say.  Its where we come together and truly express ourselves as musicians.  Genre wise, I would say we are a rock pop group from Baltimore, MD who work their ass’s off to get their music out there!!

Q- What makes you guys different from every other band out there?

A- Once again, I would have to say our live show is what sets us apart from others like us.  We take pride in performing and we all really feel what we are playing.  Hopefully that comes across live...

Q- What song of yours would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to your music before?

A- When we ask fans what their favorite song everyone pretty much says The Astronomer.  It’s a catchy song with still being original.  I also would recommend The Truth off our new EP Grow Wings & Sing.  Its got a lot of different parts blends nicely.

Q- Who writes all the songs? Where do you get inspiration for the songs?

A- We all write the songs now.  We tend to jam ideas out and let the feel of the day kind of make the song.  Inspiration comes from everywhere.  We all listen to a lot of music of all kinds which allows us to blend different ideas.  

Q- How long have you guys been playing together? What’s the brief history of Oh, The Story?

A- The line up we have now has been together for about a year and a half.  Although, Jeff joined the band as our drummer in May of this year.  James has had this band going for some time now with a lot of different member changes over the years.  But we all came together and have been doing pretty well for ourselves.  

Q- What has been your biggest challenge so far as a band?

A- Its just really hard to do everything on your own.  We get a lot of people that try and help us out and promise big things but those “things” always fall through.  It’s a lot of work to be in band these days.  Everyone is in one and wants the same things you do.  You just have to work that much harder to get it.

Q- How did you come up with the band name?

A- People ask this all the time.  We honestly wish it was some cool little story that would tie everything together, but its not! Haha Back in the way day, James, was trying to come up with band names.  And one day he came up with it and it stuck.  

Q- What has been your favorite show to play and why?

A- Recher shows in Baltimore MD are always a good time.  A lot of our fans, friends, and family come out and its usually a great time.  Plus, any show is a good show when the crowd is into it and the mood is right!

Q- How do you get pumped up for a show?

A- I think just playing music and jamming songs out gets us pumped up.  Sometimes we walk on stage after we have all had an exhausting day and rock the hell out.  Its just a nice time.

Q- What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about performing?

A- Favorite thing would have to be the performing part.  Least favorite thing would have to be that I sweat way too much on stage.  It’s a sweaty mess sometimes. 

Q- Who is someone you would like to tour with?

A- Justin Bieber.  And then maybe a Tears for Fears reunion tour.

Q- Out of all the songs you've recorded/written which is your favorite?

A- I like them all to be honest.  I know that’s a lame answer but it’s the truth.  As a musician of each song you listen and appreciate every part because you worked really hard on each one.

Q- What do you hope Oh, The Story is doing/accomplishing in a year?

A- I hope we get signed and are able to tour and record a new full length.  All we can do is just keep working hard at it.

Q- Any upcoming plans in the works for Oh, They Story we should know about?

A-Look for us on the road.  We are really trying to book some solid dates all around so we can get our music out there.  So if you know of anywhere to play you should hit us up!!

Q- Do have any advice for someone who wants to pursue music as a career?       

A- Do it because you love it.  Don’t do it for the money, fame, and all the cliche things.  If you really love it you will work as hard as it takes.  And that’s all you need know.  Its different everyday and trends go in and out, but if hard work is consistent.
Q- Where all can people find you on the web if they want to learn more about you?

A-, facebook-Search Oh, The Story!, 

Q- Where can people pick up your music?

A- You can get all our albums on iTunes.  Just go to our myspace and click on the links.  Also, if you come out to shows we sell our new Ep along with some shirts and such.

Q- Is there anything you want people to know about Oh, The Story?

A- Well ignoring the 18 questions recently read, people should look out because we are coming to throw a party in your ear.

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