Monday, October 11, 2010

Let Me Rant About Miley...

I know I'm going to lose a few readers for this, but who the hell cares. I'll defend Miley till the end so here it goes.

I just got the chance to watch her "Who Owns My Heart" video. Basically all the criticism is all the same "she's half naked", "she's growing up too fast", "what about her younger fans", "she's the next britney/lindsey"....etc.

I'll admit this video is pretty sexy. I mean the girl is only wearing underwear and a fitted wife beater at one point, but let me just be honest if my legs looked like hers I wouldn't want to wear pants either. And there are some parts in the video that suggest she maybe be a little promiscuous, but I believe that Miley knows who she is. I've never met her, but I have this feeling that she is probably playing a role when she is playing the sex pot. I honestly think that she's probably a very sweet, normal girl and what girl doesn't like to play the sex pot every now and again?

The song is honestly pretty good. For a catchy, pop song it got stuck in my head and I think the subject matter is something everyone who's ever been to a club or out somewhere where you meet a new cute guy or girl can relate to.

So far I'm still team Miley (and Selena).

Here's the video if you wanna check it out and give my your take on it. What do you think of the new video? Agreeing or disagreeing comments are welcome!

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