Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Rocket To The Moon Updates!

Did everyone hear Tune Into L’s favorite A Rocket to the Moon yesterday on Teen Mom. If not check out the music video for the song “Like We Used To” below and make sure to listen up during re runs of the show!

And if you like the song make sure to check out the newly released “The Rainy Day Sessions” ep on itunes which has new versions of songs that were on their debut album “On Your Side”.

 “We all love making music.  In any way shape or form.  So when the opportunity was given to us to sit in a room with a tin roof and live record a few songs with two of the most talented bluegrass girls I’ve ever heard on a rainy Georgia day, we couldn’t pass it up.  We all love country music and every form of country music.  I think this EP really shows our love for the music and music in general.”

Make sure to look out on October 21st for the deluxe single release of “Like We Used To” on itunes which includes a piano version, music video, and deluxe digital booklet with new photos, handwritten lyrics from the band and more. On the same day the song will be featured on MTV’s Jersey Shore.

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