Monday, October 18, 2010

World of Jenks- Why I Started This Blog

This quite possibly will be the deepest blog I will ever write and maybe the deepest commentary piece I will ever write. So expect to read this about 2 weeks after I start.

I've been watching World of Jenks since the series first aired earlier this year and since the show started I  patiently waited for the episode where Jenks enters the world of what it's truly like to be in band. Tonight was that episode. In the episode Jenks basically goes on the road with the band VersaEmerge during what seems to be one of the most grueling (and fun) tours a band can go on...Warped.

This episode was so awesome and inspiring in so many ways and it really reminded me of why I want to write and blog about music.

Ever since I went to my first real concert as a young adult last year I've really felt a calling and a need to be around music. Seeing as I have no true talent for playing an instrument, I can't sing outside of a car or a shower and my business sense is severely lacking considering my dad still balances my checkbook...writing seemed like the natural way for me to participate, but from the outside.

Up until that point I knew that I wanted to write, but was still unclear as to what I wanted to write about. I knew if I couldn't find anything I was passionate about my writing would never be anything above sub par. Trust me I've written pieces about books I didn't connect with or causes I didn't believe in and situations I knew nothing about. And while I fully expect to have to do some of these pieces sometimes I never want to have to write these pieces all the time. I want to spend my life being writing about what inspires and intrigues me and inspiring others to be intrigued by what inspires me.

There's two things that I really love about music.

One is the extreme interest I have for the musical, creative mind. Honestly nothing is more interesting to me than trying to figure out what makes people tick and why people do what they do and why they are the way that they are no matter who they are.  No personality type or career person, however, is more interesting to me than those who play, write, and perform music. Each musician or band is like a nice puzzle to figure out.

The second is the power of influence writing about music can have. I hope you've noticed throughout my blog that I don't bash and I don't talk negatively about bands or anything for that matter. There are definitely some bands and people who will never be talked about on this blog because honestly I would have nothing nice to say about them. But I totally respect them and their fans enough to go with the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

There's also the more positive end of things. There are  certain bands that will take up at least half of the posts I make every month.  I will try my hardest to make sure every single one of you 10 readers knows what they're about by the end of my page. Call it biased journalism or call it being honest whatever the label that's just how we work here at Tune Into L. And that won't ever change.

Back to least a little bit. What I love about his show is that he gives viewers a chance to observe and understand worlds and people they never would have had the opportunity to experience before. My goal for this blog is to help people understand the world of music, bands, and being a fan.

I think what makes this blog different is that it is run by and for true fans of music.

We're the kids that camp out for 12 or more hours to get a "good spot" at a general admission show.

We're the kids who are recognized by the band because we've seen them so many times at shows.

We're the kids who go to school tired with x's on the backs of our hands looking like hot messes due to the crazy concert night before.

We're the kids who spend our entire allowances or paychecks on band merch and tickets.

We're the kids who will defend and support our favorite bands until the end of time.

And we're the blog that hopes to make this all understandable for those people who aren't those kids. 

-Lauren :)

I feel like I should say good night and good luck or good night and good luck!

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