Monday, November 29, 2010

New Honor Society Free Download

Ok so at first when I found out the special download was two remixes of "Over You" I was like eh. I already have two versions of this song on my many more do I need? But now that I'm on my 3rd listen of all four (the two from today's downloads, the album version, and the la house of blues live version) and I am mildly blown away by the awesomeness I've been listening to.

I love how they're playing around with their songs and showing how truly diverse they are as a band. I love how they guys are really showing their creativity through playing with their old songs. It's amazing how they can take a song like "Over You" that I thought I knew so well and add a little rap or slow it down and make it something completely and totally different.

As if I wasn't already counting down the days till their next concert (a zillion and one maybe? hopefully less) I can't wait to see them again with all new songs and an all new set with these reimagined songs. I think this is what's cool about being a fan from earlier on in their time as a band I've gotten to see them grow and change. I love where they came from, I'm enjoying what they have going on now, and I can't wait to see what they have for us in the future.

Days Difference "Speakers" Music Video...

So next Wednesday is my one year anniversary of being a Days Difference fan. (It seems like just yesterday...) So I've decided I'm going to post one of my favorite Days Difference videos, songs, pictures, memories, or whatever I feel like everyday between now and December 8th.

I figured we'll start off with their newest music video for "Speakers" because it's freaking cute and hilarious and it's new.

Ready, Set, Christmas!

See what I did there.

Check out Wishlist by The Ready Set and preorder it on itunes, no duh!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Pretty Little Finger's Just For You

Just kidding. I love my readers, but I also love this recored version of Just Kait's Pretty Little Finger.

Check it out peeps. Like it. Comment on it. And spread it around to all your friends...and maybe your enemies too! ;)

Any Old Push Play Fans In The House? CONTEST

I was cleaning out the Tune Into L office (aka my bedroom) over the thanksgiving holiday and I found some old Push Play promo stuff from over a year ago and I realized why and I hoarding this stuff? I wanna share the love with you! So check out the list of stuff I've got below and leave me a comment with what you want & your email address. This is a first come first serve contest.

Here are the prizes:
Guitar pics, magnet, stickers, buttons, posters, and promo cards.

Also, anyone have any cool new bands for me to check out. I might actually have some time for some interviews here soon!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour (ahh!)

Check it out DC gets Taylor for two nights!!! Woot woot, we're special.

I'm pretty sure I have a love hate relationship with the girl. Some days I love her music and some days I can't stand it. Some days I think she's awesome and some days I think she's horrible, but at the end of the day I can't deny liking her. And I can't deny how excited I am to see the girl live in concert. I have my fingers crossed for a meet and greet.

Check out details on her tour here:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


New Kids on the Block.
Backstreet Boys.
June 3rd.
Verizon Center. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys American Music Awards Performance

The best performance of the whole AMA show in case you missed it!

I Never Really Understand Jordan's Videos...

But he's so darn cute and his songs are so catchy who cares!!!
Check out his video for More Than Alive.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Free Music Thursday!

So Honor Society FINALLY released One of a Kind as a part of their Honor System (when they post free songs for download after their live chats) this week. I've been in love with this song since I saw it live for the first time at the Virginia State Fair. This seriously is their best song ever (yet?!).

Check it out at 

Enjoy & tell your friends!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

See Camden's Preview Show

If you've been wondering when See Camden will be having their first show, the answer is here.

If you're in the Baltimore area December 31, 2010 check out iBOT's pre New Year's Eve show at the Ottobar. 

The Show Goes From 6:00-11:00. 

Other Bands You Can Enjoy Include: Wakefield, Rookie of the Year, Joy Island, Fox in the Henhouse, Me and this Army, The Getaways & Special Guest DJ Andrew Goldstein of the Friday Night Boys!

Make sure to get your tickets soon to make sure you don't miss out on the best last show of the year!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Susannah Barber, Founder of Love Translates

Are you looking for a new, super cute, unique t-shirt to wow your friends at school? Love Translates just might have the shirt for you.

Tune Into l had the opportunity to talk to Susannah about her child Love Translates. This 19 year old clothing designer is nothing short of interesting. Check out her interview below and make sure to check out her stuff at & if you have Love Translates. And if you have twitter follow here @susannahbarber

What is Love Translates? 
Love Translates is a child, not physically of course, but it's my art inspired child. It's a clothing line backed by hope, motivation, and love. 

How did you come up with the idea for Love Translates? 
Love Translates was in the works since I was 13. I've always wanted to be a designer and it finally all happened in December of 2008. The name is from a quote someone once told me, “you have the power to translate the bad energy into good…it’s impressive”.
What types of products do you sell?  
Where do you come up with ideas: We sell t-shirts right now but some really great things other than shirts are in the works. I come up with the ideas from all the doodles I've created. I also write songs and sometimes the lines come from things I've written. We're also about to launch about 5 different collab shirts very soon, so keep an eye out. 

What is your goal for Love Translates? Where do you see the company going/being in 5 years? 
My goal for Love Translates is to reach out to kids, let them know they're not alone, the world can be cruel and I'm just trying to lessen the hurt on hearts little by little. Hopefully in 5 years I'll be able to pay off college loans and we'll be on as many tours hanging out with all the lovely folks who support!

What makes Love Translates different than other clothing companies that are similar to yours? Why should someone feel compelled to buy your products? 
Love Translates isn't about the fame, bands backing it, or the money. I'm just a single person behind a computer giving you my all, literally wearing my heart on my merch, I back every single person who's ever bought a shirt from me. 

What experience do you have with clothing design? 
I've done a lot of designs for band merch before, I also go to school for graphic design at The Savannah College of Art and Design.

What has been the response to your designs? 
We went on Warped Tour and the lovely boys in The Cab were supportive enough to help me out and tweet about them, ever since, it's been nothing but uphill.

How did you get started with designing? 
I started designing when I was about 15. I bought my first photoshop program with my Christmas/birthday money I had saved up. I would stay up till 11:30 at night (I was 15, I was forced to bed), and just design. It broke my heart when the computer wasn't in front of me, it's my escape. 

What speed bumps have you encountered with your clothing designing adventure? 
Right now I'm blessed to say not many, other than the cost of printing and working to get that money, everything has been going smoothly. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a dream in making their own line? 
Head up. There's always going to be someone who tells you that you won't make it, but take that one criticism and turn it into something you can eventually down the road look at as your biggest inspiration. If you ever need someone, always, always, let me know. 

What has been you biggest accomplishment with Love Translates? And biggest failure? 
Biggest accomplishment would definitely be the fact I was on Warped Tour for a few dates, the amount of amazing people I met out there will never be forgotten. Again, nothing has happened I'd consider a failure, it' all about learning. 

You say all your shirts come with a story. Can you share a story or two that goes along with your shirts? Absolutely. My personal favorite tshirt is Love is A Puzzle. It’s based off of my love for puzzles (I’m probably the nerdiest person you will ever meet, I’m sure you’ve come to know that by now). I adore puzzles, I love the concept behind them. If you think about it, life is just one giant puzzle and love is the most complex puzzle of all. Love doesn’t have a formula, it just exists. If there was a formula to love people would be lining up to learn it. I love, love. I love the whole concept of love, the way you feel, everything about it. Love is a puzzle, it always will be.

If you could choose any celebrity to wear/be the face of your line who would you choose and why? 
Like I said earlier, the line isn't about the whole "fame" ordeal, I really haven't thought about a celebrity wearing my merch, but I'd absolutely love to have something on LIGHTS ( , her vibe is so insane, I don't think I'd ever know what to design for her!

Who are your biggest inspirations clothing wise? 
Jac Vanek, hands down. That girl has taken one single bracelet and turned it into a dynasty. She and Nicole are some amazing people, if you haven't heard of Jac Vanek head over there!

What are your favorite trends for fall/winter? 
I have to have my Doc Marten boots, leather jacket, grey-washed jeans, and beanie. Those three things have become a necessity lately!

I saw Brian from Stereo Skyline with one of your shirts can you share how he became interested/got one of your shirts? 
Brian is such a great dude. He's absolutely supportive of people living their dream and I had a chance to talk to him for a few minutes in Austin, TX. I showed him some shirts and he said he'd love to have one to wear, and that's how Brian has a shirt. 

Since your line seems to be biggest for kids who are into music is your line in anyway inspired by music? 
Definitely. I've done 5 collabs so far with musicians for different bands. Keep checking back on twitter to see when we release it, it won't be long at all ;)

Who are some of your favorite bands? 
The Cab, I've been following their music since 2008. Those are some of the most heart-felt dudes out there, if you ever need someone to believe in you, those boys will do it. The amount of love and time they pour into their music and fans will never cease to amaze me. Thank you boys. Some other favorite bands: Hot Chip, The XX, Akron, Primal Scream, Loney Dear, and Animal Collective.

Any upcoming plans in the works for Love Translates? 
Yes, yes, yes! We're about to release some collabs and a new wolf tee!

Anything else you'd like to share about Love Translates? 
Just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Every single person who has a shirt from me or come up to me and told me you love the shirts, thank you. Seriously, it means the world to me and just know I'll always have your back.

What's your favorite flavor popsicle? 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Check Out Tune Into L Favorite Katie Salazar

She's got some new Taylor Swift covers up on her myspace and tumblr that you will absolutely love!

Check her out here: or

Check Out Ashlyne Huff's New Song "White Flag"

What do you think? I think it's an addicting song and I'm glad I finally know the rest of the song! I've had "I hang my white flag in the air" stuck in my head since I heard the little sound bite.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ke$ha's "Get $leazy Tour" Coming to a City Near You

Ke$ha announced her first ever headlining tour the "Get $leazy Tour". Check out the dates below. Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow! 

Check out for more details!

2/15Portland, ORCrystal Ballroom
2/16Seattle, WAThe Showbox SODO
2/19Denver, COFillmore Auditorium
2/20Kansas City, MOUptown Theatre
2/22St. Louis, MOThe Pageant
2/24Chicago, ILHouse Of Blues
2/26Detroit, MIThe Fillmore Detroit
4/5Dayton, OHWrite State University
4/6Toronto, ONKool Haus
4/12Boston, MAHouse Of Blues
4/13New York, NYRoseland Ballroom
4/16Clarion, PAClarion University - Tippin Gym
4/19Charlotte, NCThe Fillmore Charlotte
4/20Atlanta, GAThe Tabernacle
4/22Orlando, FLHouse Of Blues
4/26Dallas, TXHouse Of Blues
4/29Houston, TXVerizon Wireless Theater
5/3Reno, NVGrand Sierra Resort & Casino
5/4San Francisco, CAWarfield Theatre
5/6Los Angeles, CAThe Wiltern

Anyone big Ke$ha fans?

Exclusive Interview with Justin Olori from Floral Terrace

Q- How would you describe your band to someone who hasn't heard of you or
listened to your music?
A- indie/alternative pop rock and roll

Q-What makes you guys different from every other band out there?
A- We actually struggled with this when we first started as young bands usually do
but for us Georges lead guitar playing and My Voice musically primarily shape our sound
 we also care about our listeners and have frequent twitter/stickam chats to keep our
ears to the ground and see what the world is upto. the internet has opened so many
doors and FT really just takes advantage of that. we'll get a myspace message from
a chick in belgium and ask her tons of questions instead!  haha

Q- What song of yours would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened
to your music before? 
A- our new EP that comes out early next year would be ideal
if not listen to the song 'one shot clover' on our profile !!! 

Q- Who writes all the songs? Where do you get inspiration for the songs?
A- all 3 of us write our songs and we do a lot of collaborations with our friends the way hip hop artists do
and that will probably never change unless we specifically to do a disc by ourselves.
Ryan Kienle from matchbook romance has worked with us and taught us a lot!
weve worked with jeremy menard from the scenic a lot, max from washington square park a lot
his brother matt from tourmaline has helped us a bunch and Sergio from thieves and villains also has
done some tracks with us. In the future andrew goldstein from the friday night boys is going to do some stuff with us

Q- What has been your biggest challenge so far as a band?
A-money really.. its been harder than ever to keep things in perspective with money so tight for everone not just us as a band

Q- How did you come up with the band name?
A- it was the song name of my old band with george and it was like our best most popular song so it fit. we had NO idea what it would turn into haha

Q- What has been your favorite show to play and why?
A- any show where people are into really . . could be 20 kids could be 550,000 doesnt matter
we appreciate any show were people give a shit because its just more fun that way.

Q- How do you get pumped up for a show?
A- vocal warmups and clearing my head backstage is all i need really . . no funky rituals haha

Q-What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about performing?
A- favorite thing is the experience and least favorite thing is the potential for something awful to happen haha

Q-Who is someone you would like to tour with?
A- anberlin .. i think their fans would receive our send well and it would rule!

Q- Out of all the songs you've recorded/written which is your favorite?
A- probably one of the new ones on our new ep. . its working title is "Sin city State" but i doubt that title will last

Q- What do you hope Floral Terrace is doing/accomplishing in a year?
A- releasing our ep early next year and touring and hoping our listeners enjoy it !

Q- Do you have any advice for someone who wants to pursue a career in music?
A- be nice to everyone and dont sleep for 6 months.. for starters

Q- What has been your weirdest experience with a fan?
A- getting followed around town on the way to the place we had to stay that night

Q- Who first inspired you to go after your dreams of music?
A- fftl or bayside

Q- What yearbook superlative would you vote each member of your band?
A- no idea what this means..

Q- What’s one quote or lyric that inspires you most?
A- laugh now because you can always cry later

Q- What’s something your fans don’t know about you?
A- we have recently signed to a record label !

Q- Any upcoming plans in the works for Floral Terrace we should know about?
A- yes yes yes! our new single will probably be on itunes before xmas and our new ep comes out next year !!!!

Q- What’s your favorite flavor popsicle?
grape ;)

Q- Anything else you’d like to include about Floral Terrace?
A- please tweet us @floralterrace after you read this or hit us up on myspace. .lets talk!

<3 Justin Olori- vocals

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Required Reading

Check out Kait's new blog:

She has a new post that basically explains why I love her and why I got a tattoo of a Just Kait song and not some other artist.


I hope everyone is having a rad Sunday!

New Unreleased Just Kait Song!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

See Camden Vlog Update #2

Selena Gomez Tour In 2011

According to Selena announced at her show tonight in Columbus, OH that she is planning a headlining tour with her band "The Scene" in the Summer 2011.

Where would you like to see Selena tour this summer?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diggy Simmons Is My Bieber

Ok. They're not the same type of music, but for being about the same age wow what a difference. I remember watching this kid on Run's House back in the day. When I first saw the commercial with this song I didn't really think that I would find so many Diggy Simmons songs when I searched his name on YouTube! Woah. This kid has got some talent. His dad is a pretty talented dude, so I don't really know why I doubt it, but whatever. Check out his song "Great Expectations" below and let me know what you think. Any Diggy fans in the house? Anyone know the secret to getting an interview with him?

X The Text With Ashlyne Huff....And Win A Concert By Her!!!

Mitchel Musso... New Song....New Album Coming 11/22/10

This song has a really cool beat to it.

What do you think? Is anyone here a Mitchel Musso fan?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys tour was made official today!!!! Check out this snazzy website with all nine boys (too bad Kevin can't come back for this awesomeness!).

I'm gonna be honest the only New Kids on the Block song I know is "You've Got It (The Right Stuff)", but as an avid music and more specifically boy band lover this tour will definitely be on my to do list!

In honor of this announcement I'm gonna post my favorite Backstreet Boys song a classic "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" (Alright!!!)

What's your favorite Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block song? Let's get a fun little playlist goin on here!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Demi Lovato Enters Rehab

After Lovato suddenly left the South American leg of the Camp Rock 2 tour, along with deleting her twitter account, fans were left puzzled with what was truely going on with the Disney star.

According to Demi's rep said "Demi Lovato left her tour early this weekend in order to seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time." 

Furthermore the rep said "Demi has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help.  She is doing just that."

As fans we should take this time to give Demi her space. She is very obviously dealing with a serious issue and she should be aloud the space that she needs to deal with whatever it may be in a proper manner. 

I think sometimes as fans of the rich and famous we forget that they are people as well and that their jobs aren't as easy as they may seem. Stars are put under a lot of pressure and scrutiny on a daily basis and I'm surprised that more of them aren't in rehab or insane asylums. 

As a society we need to learn to treat people as people and not think of people, no matter how talented or rich or famous, as gods and goddesses. 

That's my piece of mind for tonight. 

I'll be sure to keep Demi in my thoughts tonight and I wish for her a safe and successful recovery.