Sunday, November 28, 2010

Any Old Push Play Fans In The House? CONTEST

I was cleaning out the Tune Into L office (aka my bedroom) over the thanksgiving holiday and I found some old Push Play promo stuff from over a year ago and I realized why and I hoarding this stuff? I wanna share the love with you! So check out the list of stuff I've got below and leave me a comment with what you want & your email address. This is a first come first serve contest.

Here are the prizes:
Guitar pics, magnet, stickers, buttons, posters, and promo cards.

Also, anyone have any cool new bands for me to check out. I might actually have some time for some interviews here soon!


  1. I love Push Play! Could I have some promo stuff? :)



  2. I'm sad never got to see them in concert but I still love their music! <3 I'd like to have a guitar pick or poster but really anything Push Play is fine. :]
    - Albertina