Saturday, November 13, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Susannah Barber, Founder of Love Translates

Are you looking for a new, super cute, unique t-shirt to wow your friends at school? Love Translates just might have the shirt for you.

Tune Into l had the opportunity to talk to Susannah about her child Love Translates. This 19 year old clothing designer is nothing short of interesting. Check out her interview below and make sure to check out her stuff at & if you have Love Translates. And if you have twitter follow here @susannahbarber

What is Love Translates? 
Love Translates is a child, not physically of course, but it's my art inspired child. It's a clothing line backed by hope, motivation, and love. 

How did you come up with the idea for Love Translates? 
Love Translates was in the works since I was 13. I've always wanted to be a designer and it finally all happened in December of 2008. The name is from a quote someone once told me, “you have the power to translate the bad energy into good…it’s impressive”.
What types of products do you sell?  
Where do you come up with ideas: We sell t-shirts right now but some really great things other than shirts are in the works. I come up with the ideas from all the doodles I've created. I also write songs and sometimes the lines come from things I've written. We're also about to launch about 5 different collab shirts very soon, so keep an eye out. 

What is your goal for Love Translates? Where do you see the company going/being in 5 years? 
My goal for Love Translates is to reach out to kids, let them know they're not alone, the world can be cruel and I'm just trying to lessen the hurt on hearts little by little. Hopefully in 5 years I'll be able to pay off college loans and we'll be on as many tours hanging out with all the lovely folks who support!

What makes Love Translates different than other clothing companies that are similar to yours? Why should someone feel compelled to buy your products? 
Love Translates isn't about the fame, bands backing it, or the money. I'm just a single person behind a computer giving you my all, literally wearing my heart on my merch, I back every single person who's ever bought a shirt from me. 

What experience do you have with clothing design? 
I've done a lot of designs for band merch before, I also go to school for graphic design at The Savannah College of Art and Design.

What has been the response to your designs? 
We went on Warped Tour and the lovely boys in The Cab were supportive enough to help me out and tweet about them, ever since, it's been nothing but uphill.

How did you get started with designing? 
I started designing when I was about 15. I bought my first photoshop program with my Christmas/birthday money I had saved up. I would stay up till 11:30 at night (I was 15, I was forced to bed), and just design. It broke my heart when the computer wasn't in front of me, it's my escape. 

What speed bumps have you encountered with your clothing designing adventure? 
Right now I'm blessed to say not many, other than the cost of printing and working to get that money, everything has been going smoothly. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a dream in making their own line? 
Head up. There's always going to be someone who tells you that you won't make it, but take that one criticism and turn it into something you can eventually down the road look at as your biggest inspiration. If you ever need someone, always, always, let me know. 

What has been you biggest accomplishment with Love Translates? And biggest failure? 
Biggest accomplishment would definitely be the fact I was on Warped Tour for a few dates, the amount of amazing people I met out there will never be forgotten. Again, nothing has happened I'd consider a failure, it' all about learning. 

You say all your shirts come with a story. Can you share a story or two that goes along with your shirts? Absolutely. My personal favorite tshirt is Love is A Puzzle. It’s based off of my love for puzzles (I’m probably the nerdiest person you will ever meet, I’m sure you’ve come to know that by now). I adore puzzles, I love the concept behind them. If you think about it, life is just one giant puzzle and love is the most complex puzzle of all. Love doesn’t have a formula, it just exists. If there was a formula to love people would be lining up to learn it. I love, love. I love the whole concept of love, the way you feel, everything about it. Love is a puzzle, it always will be.

If you could choose any celebrity to wear/be the face of your line who would you choose and why? 
Like I said earlier, the line isn't about the whole "fame" ordeal, I really haven't thought about a celebrity wearing my merch, but I'd absolutely love to have something on LIGHTS ( , her vibe is so insane, I don't think I'd ever know what to design for her!

Who are your biggest inspirations clothing wise? 
Jac Vanek, hands down. That girl has taken one single bracelet and turned it into a dynasty. She and Nicole are some amazing people, if you haven't heard of Jac Vanek head over there!

What are your favorite trends for fall/winter? 
I have to have my Doc Marten boots, leather jacket, grey-washed jeans, and beanie. Those three things have become a necessity lately!

I saw Brian from Stereo Skyline with one of your shirts can you share how he became interested/got one of your shirts? 
Brian is such a great dude. He's absolutely supportive of people living their dream and I had a chance to talk to him for a few minutes in Austin, TX. I showed him some shirts and he said he'd love to have one to wear, and that's how Brian has a shirt. 

Since your line seems to be biggest for kids who are into music is your line in anyway inspired by music? 
Definitely. I've done 5 collabs so far with musicians for different bands. Keep checking back on twitter to see when we release it, it won't be long at all ;)

Who are some of your favorite bands? 
The Cab, I've been following their music since 2008. Those are some of the most heart-felt dudes out there, if you ever need someone to believe in you, those boys will do it. The amount of love and time they pour into their music and fans will never cease to amaze me. Thank you boys. Some other favorite bands: Hot Chip, The XX, Akron, Primal Scream, Loney Dear, and Animal Collective.

Any upcoming plans in the works for Love Translates? 
Yes, yes, yes! We're about to release some collabs and a new wolf tee!

Anything else you'd like to share about Love Translates? 
Just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Every single person who has a shirt from me or come up to me and told me you love the shirts, thank you. Seriously, it means the world to me and just know I'll always have your back.

What's your favorite flavor popsicle? 

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