Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2010- Great Memories!

Happy New Years Eve readers! Have a fun and safe night. I'll be in Hershey seeing Allstar Weekend and Cody Simpson to ring in 2011. About this time last year I was getting ready to head up to Hershey for the same event, but with a different band- Honor Society. I owe so much to those guys. 2010 really was my year of Honor Society.

Check out this video from last year's Hershey New Years with Honor Society. It's Jason's super awesome cover of "Use Somebody."

See Camden's First Show!

I tried to take as many videos as I could from See Camden's show last night at the Ottobar. I haven't watched them yet so I don't really know how good the quality is, but enjoy!

Also, I will be having a contest very soon for a few of the posters See Camden was giving away. So stay tuned for that! (It will probably be posted somewhere around January 3rd!)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

That's One Big Salary For A Teen Mom

Check it out. Amber, the abusive, horrible mother from MTV's show Teen Mom, reportedly makes $280K a year! Say what?

Obviously I knew the girls were making some pretty figures for their roles on the hit tv show, but wow $280K is a little steeper than I ever could have imagined.

Check out this article on Kiss 95.1 FM's site about the super high salary.

"Sick"- Just Kait Remix

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Take That Disney

Yesterday my mom and I went out to finally see The Chronicles of Narnia the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I am a huge fan of the Narnia movies. My mom is not, but came along any way.

I was really sad when I found out Disney had decided to not continue making the Narnia movies after Prince Caspian. Seeing as Disney is one of the biggest movie companies for children's movies I felt like there was little hope of seeing the rest of C.S. Lewis's classic stories made into movies. But with how awesome the newest movie in the series was I left the theater with a glimmer of hope of seeing the other stories on the big screen.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader is honestly my favorite Narnia movie so far. At first I was kind of sad that I wouldn't get to see William Moseley quite as much in this movie (I guess that's just the horny girl in me talking though :P). But the lack of Peter and Susan was quickly forgotten when new, amazing characters were introduced. Along with the much beloved Lucy, Edmund, and Caspian from earlier films.

From the very first scene Will Poulter portaryed the annoying, but in the end loveable Eustace Scrubb amazingly well. His look and mannerisms were perfect for the role. His character kept me chuckling throughout the film.

Another perfect character was Simon Pegg's character of Reepicheep. That cute little fiesty mouse was the same character I remember from the books. For someone who hates mice, Reep just might have been my favorite character in this installment of the Narnia movies. Too bad he won't be back if the other films get made.

One thing I didn't think I'd like about the film was the 3D aspect. Sometimes the 3D effects really take away from the film, in my opinion. Often the effects are unnecessarily used in ways that don't inhance the film wathcing experience. In the case of the Dawn Treader the effects were just right. They emphasized and emphanced the adventure, but they weren't so overpowering that I got sea sick.

Overall the film is a must see in theaters. It's well worth the overpriced movie ticket. My mom was even a fan by the end of the film.

I Am Sick Of Pretty Little Liars Previews

Ok, not really. I love that show, but seriously can't we get a little Greek preview? No wonder the show isn't getting another season. ABC Family doesn't push it as much as it's other shows.

Luckily I found some snap shots from the season premiere of Greek on

I'm going to repost them here with predictions for what Greek  fans have in store for us next week.

Picture #1: Could we see a return of Calvin and Heath's relationship. I always did like those two together!

Picture #2 Who is Rusty giving that gift to? Could Rusty and Ashleigh FINALLY hook up!

Picture #3 With college ending for the older characters, where does this leave them? Where is Casey going? Hopefully she continues working towards that law career. Eventhough she only became interested in law because of Evan, I think the skills she has learned at ZBZ will make her an amazing lawyer or politican.  

Picture #4. Is that Evan at finanical aid? I guess things aren't getting any better in Chambers world. hmm. I wonder what he's planning to do after granduation?

Picture #5 The only though I have here is that I hate that red headed kid. Actually, I kind of hate Omega Chi too.

Picture #6 The lovely Casey Cartright working on a political campaign. Seriously if I could be any ficitional character I would choose Casey Cartright. I think my Casey adoration is probably best saved for another post. Keep a look out!

Picture #7 FINALLY a toga party at Cypress Roads! So if Cappie graduates will Rusty become the next president of Kappa Tau? And can we finally find out Cappie's real name. It's probably something run of the mill like Robert or something. 

Picture #8 It looks like all our favorite characters are at this CRU toga party. Is Rusty falling for a ZBZ?

Picture #9 Again, I just really don't like this guy. This looks like there's gonna be some sort of battle royal. Fight, Fight, Fight! haha!

See you here next Monday night for my weekly Greek blog after the season premiere. 
Don't forget Greek comes back next Monday January 3rd on ABC Family right after Pretty Little Liars

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Book and a Giveaway

Every year I like reading Christmas themed books around Christmas. Something about it just really puts me in the Christmas spirit. This year Christmas seemed to sneak up on me just a bit and I only actually had time to read one Christmas book. I'm glad I choose the one I did because it was a serious winner.

First Impressions was my second Nora Roberts book. My first being another Christmas novel co-written with her daughter. This book tells the story of two adults looking to escape from all the craziness of city life by moving into a small, rural community near antietam battlefield in Maryland. One was a local woman, Shane, who had moved away to be a school teacher in the city and returned to open a quaint antique shop and museum. The other, Vance, was a man looking to get away from all the problems a man with money could encounter.

Part of the appeal of this novel was the fact that it was set in Maryland. I always find a book (or movie, or song, or whatever) more interesting if it's located somewhere that I've been. Maybe I just relate better to it or maybe it makes the little movie in my head a bit clearer. This book really made me want to make a trip out to Antietam for more than just a drive through.

I also really loved the push and pull between Shane and Vance. At points in the novel they were really truly appalled with each other and at other points it seemed like they were all over each other. Their tumultuous and Tom and Jerry type relationship kept me reading till the very end hoping they would end up together.

Another thing I found really appealing was Roberts' writing style. There was so much detail on every page that kept the story vivid and exciting for it's entirety. When I talk about descriptions I'm not just talking about descriptions of characters or scenery. I'm mainly talking about the vivid detail she put into the characters' feelings and emotion. I felt things I had never felt before vicariously through these characters.

Overall this book was a good choice for my Christmas novel this year. It almost made me wish I was up in the mountains with a warm fire and snow falling around me to set the scene.

I can't wait to start my next Nora Roberts novel. If you have a suggestion feel free to let me know!

Now for the contest. I'm giving away my copy of First Impressions to one lucky Tune Into L Reader. The contest will run now through January 3rd. This contest is open to anyone in the US (Sorry people outside the US, I'm poor and can't afford the shipping. However, if you are from outside the US and want to enter, you may, but you will have to pay for shipping).

To enter just leave a comment with your name and email address.

To get addition entries you can...
- Follow Me on Twitter (@tuneintol) +1
- Follow This Blog +1
- Join the Group on Facebook (search Tune Into L) +1

Please leave a comment with your name and email address for every additional entry you make.

I'm Getting A Kindle!!!

I just ordered my first Kindle tonight on So I will be accepting Kindle versions of books for review as soon as I get it in the mail.

Does anyone have a Kindle and have any tips for me? Or what should the first book I download be?

Did You Check Out Days Difference's Christmas Song Cover Yet?

Check Out This Preview of See Camden's Songs!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'm Cool Being Single, Got It

I've never really been a girl that's been that interested or active in the dating. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get married some day, have kids that whole bit, but I've just never been the type to spend endless nights doing the dinner and a movie thing with a new guy every night. Nor have I ever had a Facebook official relationship (Ok once, but that was probably a mistake. So I don't count it.).

Call me a cynic or just plain lame, but I just don't see the point in looking for love. For me there's just so much more to life than stressing over whether Jimmy wants to take me to Dennys or healing a broken heart with a pint of Ben and Jerrys when Bobby ditches me for a new play thing. Really with all the time I could have spent doing these things I've launched a fairly successful blog, I've explored some pretty cool places in and around Maryland, I've met some really awesome people, I've lived.

I'm definitely not one of those girls who needs a guy or love for happiness. I control my own happiness.

Just some thoughts.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Midwinter's Eve Hop Giveaway is Here!

This giveaway is closed. Thanks everyone for entering. See you at the next hop on January 1, 2011. 
Happy Midwinter's Eve!

Trying to figure out what to giveaway for this Hop contest was kind of difficult. I had to make my prize related to books and I wanted to make it related to music. So I decided to give away a two copies of a bookazine about one of my favorite women in music right now- Taylor Swift. Let's just be honest the girl is interesting. She was undoubtably one of the most successful people in the music industry this past year. And, like any great author, she is quite the maverick with words. 

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment on the blog with your name and email address. 
A winner will be chosen and contacted on Thursday December 23rd! 
Please follow this blog for future contest and amazing contest!

While your here make sure to check out our other contests:

AND Check out the blogs below for more Midwinter's Eve Giveaways!

I Support Rolling Stone Magazine...

...for calling the Jonas Brothers losers of the year. Really what did they do this year? I am a Jonas Brothers fan (don't try to tell me I'm not by posting this blog!). I'll admit that they lost a lot of their appeal over this past year.

When I first became a Jonas Fan in 06 I became a fan because they made awesome music & their personalties were to die for. They were just three guys from Jersey. They were normal. They were approachable. They were relatable for a teenaged me.

But now they seem to have lost a lot of that relate-ability. Their music is still good (except for the Disney created junk from Camp Rock and JONAS). But they just seem fake and too hollywood. I wonder if they even remember that they were once just three boys from New Jersey "Living the Dream". Now they seem to be more about making money than making good music.

When was the last time you heard a Jonas song on the radio? No, not Radio Disney.

When was the last night they released a new song? When was the last time you heard them talking about music? Other than Nick, who I will admit seems to have his mind in the right place.

When was their last successful tour? I certainly wouldn't say the Camp Rock tour was successful.

I'd have to think Rolling Stone considered all these things when calling the JoBros losers for the year. Maybe 2011 will be different. Maybe they're be the most successful artists of 2011. Who knows?

In all this I'm not saying that I hate the Jonas Brothers or that I'm not a fan any more. maybe all I'm trying to say is I, along with Rolling Stone, was disappointed in the boys this year.

What did you think about Rolling Stone's opinion of the Jonas Brothers? Leave me comments. Seriously hate, love, whatever. Agree with me or try to convince me I'm wrong. Bring it on!

Runner Runner "Hey Alli" Music Video LEAK

Check out Tune Into L favorite Runner Runner's newest music video for their song "Hey Alli." After you watch the video don't forget to head over to Itunes and buy the single!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Just Might Cry on January 3rd

Especially if this ends up being the final season of Greek. Ok, we already know it's the last season, but there's always hope for amazing and over the top ratings to bring it back to life right?

If you haven't checked out Greek yet check out here's a little recap. The show follows the lives of a few college students. As the name foreshadows, most of the characters are in Greek organizations. What makes this show really neat is not only how real the characters are, but how relatable the show is for such a wide range of people. Whether someone is in college, looking forward to entering college, or looking back at their college years this show is appealing. 

Check out this cram session from to see what it's all about. 

Like what you see? You can easily catch up before the season premiere on January 3rd. Check out for full episodes of the shows.

AND if you do decide to watch it make sure to join in on the conversation HERE! I'll be blogging every week directly after the show! I'll be posting a short recap and, of course, my thoughts, gripes, and loves about the show. The first blog will be on the night of January 3rd! Make sure to tune in!

First Look at Teen Mom 2

At first I really wasn't very excited about Teen Mom 2. Let's be honest the only reason I watched Teen Mom 1 was for the cuteness of Bentley. But after seeing this trailer I'm back on board. The one mom, Leah, seems like the only sane mother. I can already tell Jenelle is gonna be the annoying character. The other two seem just like a blur.

Check out the first look (from MTV) below. A special 90 minute reunion show for the 16 and pregnant girls on December 28th and then be sure to watch the series premiere on January 11th.

Can't watch a week or want a little recap? Make sure to Tune Into L the Wednesday after the show for a full recap and review of the episode. (The first Teen Mom 2 post will be on the 29th after the reunion special!)

Band Looking For Street Teamers

The Florida band Before You Exit is looking for some awesome people to join their street team!

If you're interested e-mail them at 

Friday, December 17, 2010

New Just Kait Songs!

New Song From Diggy Simmons

Diggy posted a song off his upcoming mix tape "Past, Presents, Future." Take a listen to it below. If you like it download it here:

The Day of Free Music

Here's another free download for ya! This one is from Ocean Grove aka John Taylor,Greg Garbowsky, Ryan Liestman, and Jack Lawless.

Download it here:

FREE Christmas Download from The Downtown Fiction

Check out TDF's facebook page ( for a free download of their song "Keep Me Warm." Click on the Free Song tab for the download. 

See Camden Vlog Update #2!

Check out this Behind the Scenes Video for Emily Osment's Lovesick Video

Spring AP Tour Dates!

Check out the Spring AP tour dates that were announced today! Is the tour rolling through your town? On the tour will be VersaEmerge, Black Veil Brides, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, I See Stars, and Conditions.

Presale for tickets runs from January 10th-the 14th. Tickets go on regular sale January 15th. 


3-18 Dallas, TX (House of Blues)

3-19 Austin TX (Emo’s – FREE SXSW Show)
3-20 Houston, TX (Warehouse Live)
3-22 Flagstaff, AZ (Orpheum Theater)
3-23 Los Angeles, CA (House of Blues)
3-24 Pomona, CA (The Glasshouse)
3-25 San Diego, CA (House of Blues)
3-26 Las Vegas, NV (Extreme Thing Festival)
3-27 San Francisco, CA (The Regency Ballroom)
3-29 Portland, OR (Hawthorne Theatre)
3-30 Seattle, WA (El Corazon)
4-01 Salt Lake City, UT (The Complex)
4-02 Denver, CO (Summit Music Hall)
4-03 Lawrence, KS (Granada Theater)
4-05 Minneapolis, MN (The Cabooze)
4-06 Milwaukee, WI (The Rave)
4-07 Chicago, IL (Mojoes)
4-08 Grand Rapids, MI (The Intersection)
4-09 Detroit, MI (St. Andrews Hall)
4-10 Toronto, ON (Phoenix Theater)
4-12 Montreal, QC (Club Soda)
4-13 Boston, MA (Paradise)
4-14 New Haven, CT (Toad’s Place)
4-15 New York, NY (Gramercy Theater)
4-16 Philadelphia, PA (Theatre of Living Arts)
4-17 Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
4-19 Norfolk, VA (The NorVa)
4-20 Charlotte, NC (Amos’ Southend)
4-21 Atlanta, GA (Masquerade)
4-22 Tampa, FL (State Theater)
4-23 Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Culture Room)
4-25 Orlando, FL (Beacham Theater)
4-27 Nashville, TN (Rocketown)
4-28 Louisville, KY (Expo Five)
4-29 Pittsburgh, PA (Altar Bar)
4-30 Buffalo, NY (Club Infinity)
5-03 Albany, NY (Northern Lights)
5-04 Poughkeepsie, NY (The Chance)
5-05 Allentown, PA (Crocodile Rock)
5-06 Cleveland, OH (House of Blues)

Check out this Cool Book!

A Gomessy Xmas

It's the age-old tale:
     Boy meets girl.
     Boy stalks girl.
     Girl already has a stalker.
     Boy becomes her stalker-stalker.”

“No Hope for Gomez!” is the award winning comedy novel that has already wrecked thousands of reasonably useful minds. To end the year with a twist, you get the Geeky eNovel “A Gomessy Xmas: Random acts of senseless kindness” with your copy of No Hope. Simply send your Amazon receipt to before January 15th.

As a bonus, and for a limited time only, reading “No Hope for Gomez!” will also make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and it will increase your random luck by about 9.5%
(These statements have not been evaluated by anyone of consequence.)

Read a free chapter here. , and get more details on this offer here.

"Extremely witty and clever writing that contains keen insights into human nature." California Chronicles

"The antics in this book will leave the reader laughing. Graham Parke is a genius." Readers Favorite

"A quick and unputdownable read that flies in the face of reason and smashes against the wall of detective novels. It's a Coens Brothers' film formatted in book form."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well Look At That Nice Bamboozle Line Up

Most of the Bamboozle line up has now been announced. Among the list are Bruno Mars, LMFAO, Dashboard Confessionals, FTSK, Ryan Cabrera, We Are the In Crowd, Diggy Simmons and SO many more talented and amazing artists.

Check out all the acts here:

This is going to be my first year attending Bamboozle. I'm kinda excited.  Has anyone ever been before? Wanna let the Tune Into L crew in on some tips on how to navigate and survive Bamboozle?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Jonas Brothers Have Watches

I kind of hate when music becomes a marketing tool for a bunch of "licensed" items that no one wants or needs. I'm not saying I'm immune to good marketing (I have A LOT of Hannah Montana stuff to prove that I'm just as suseptable as the next person), I'm just saying it annoys me. I like when music is about music and musicians make music and perform because they love it, not just to get a pay check.

With that being said I will say that these watches are CUTE!

Check out the Jonas Brothers' new watch line here:

So They're Called The Band Perry

I think I've heard this song 1,000 times in the past month on country music awards shows and I never knew who the band was much less what the song was, but I knew I liked it. So naturally while I was supposed to be studying for my french oral exam I looked up this song. Was it a good use of my time? The jury is still out on that one, but oh well. At least I know what song to download on itunes now.

The Real Story of Rudolph...As Told By Chester See.

Genius and hysterical.

Friday, December 10, 2010

More Free Music!

Check out this free download of Cady Groves' song "Worst Fear."

FREE Honor Society Download!

Check out Honor Society's latest Honor System download. This week it's an all new song "Gentleman After Dark."

Download it here:

AP Spring Tour Bands Announced TODAY!!!

This afternoon four AP Magazine fans announced the bands for the 2011 Spring AP Tour.

Here they are:

The Headliners are: Black Vail Brides and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows.

Other bands on the tour are: Conditions, VersaEmerge, and I See Stars.

All Time Low Tour Dates

In case you missed it, yesterday All Time Low released some of their next tour dates on their fan club. Check 'em out below. Is anyone planning on seeing All Time Low this Spring?

3/25 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
3/29 - Charlotte, NC - The Fillmore
3/31 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution Live
4/1 - Orlando, FL - House of Blues
4/6 - Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom
4/7 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
4/12 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Nokia LA Live
4/16 - San Fran, CA - Warfield Theatre
4/21 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
4/22 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom
4/26 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
4/28 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore
4/30 - Cincinatti, OH - Bogart’s
5/3 - New York, NY - Best Buy Theatre
5/6 - Boston, MA - House of Blues
5/7 - Baltimore, MD - UMBC RAC Arena

And It Goes Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

Check out the original Christmas Song All Time Low released. I think it's pretty funny. What are your thoughts. Do you love it or hate it?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Sunshine of my Heart"- Days Difference

Check out this cute song Jeremy wrote.

So Where are These Warped Tour Bands?

I think the title says it all. I'm spending my day glued to my computer waiting for the Warped tour bands to be released.

Anyone else in the same position as me?

While we wait let's talk. Who do you wanna see at Warped this year? Comment here or tweet me @tuneintol.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Glamour Kills Tour starring The Ready Set, Allstar Weekend, The Downtown Fiction, and We Are The In Crowd

Check out the dates below: 

Anyone planning on going?

02/23/11 – The Emerson Theater – Indianapolis, IN
02/24/11 – Grog Shop – Cleveland Heights, OH
02/25/11 – Eagle Theatre – Pontiac, MI
02/26/11 – The Basement – Columbus, OH
02/27/11 – Xtreme Wheels – Buffalo, NY
03/01/11 – The Chance – Poughkeepsie, NY
03/02/11 – Showcase Live – Foxborough, MA
03/03/11 – Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY
03/04/11 – First Unitarian Church Sanctuary – Philadelphia, PA
03/05/11 – Altar Bar – Pittsburgh, PA
03/06/11 – Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
03/08/11 – Greene Street Club – Greensboro, NC
03/09/11 – Rocketown – Nashville, TN
03/10/11 – The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
03/11/11 – The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
03/12/11 – Culture Room – Fort Lauderdale, FL
03/13/11 – The Social – Orlando, FL
03/15/11 – Warehouse Live Studio – Houston, TX
03/16/11 – Las Palmas Race Park – Mission, TX
03/17/11 – White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX
03/20/11 – Cain’s Bathroom – Tulsa, OK
03/22/11 – The Rock – Tuscon, AZ
03/23/11 – Soma Sidestage – San Diego, CA
03/24/11 – The Roxy Theatre – West Hollywood, CA
03/25/11 – House Of Blues – Anaheim, CA
03/26/11 – Ace of Spades – Sacramento, CA
03/27/11 – Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
03/29/11 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA
03/31/11 – The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
04/01/11 – Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
04/02/11 – The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
04/03/11 – People’s Court – Des Moines, IA
04/05/11 – The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
04/06/11 – The Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
04/07/11 – Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
04/08/11 – The New Loft – Madison, WI
04/09/11 – Broadripple – Fort Wayne, IN

More info here:

Exclusive Interview with Stacy Michelle and Monique of Tuned In

Q- Name
A- -stacy michelle

Q- What is Tuned In?
A- -tuned in is a clothing company that we launched earlier this year. we’re focused on music and the music scene, what our friends and peers are in to, fashion, and (most importantly) fun.

Q- How did you come up with the idea for Tuned In?
A- -honestly? Monique is one of my best friends. we were on the phone talking about other clothing brands and one of us started the “why couldn’t we do something like that?” there was no real answer as to why not… so we started thinking more about it and turned it in to a reality.
-yeah i don’t think either one of us knew that random conversation would lead to this. i woke up the next day and was like “wait did that legit happen?”

Q- What types of products do you sell?
A- -currently, our product line consists of shirts, bracelets, and laminates. we’re going to be extending our product line in the near future.
-can’t wait for the new line!

      Q- Where do you come up with ideas and inspiration for the products?
A- -every day life. sometimes we’ll text one another out of the blue and just start talking about a great idea. or a bad idea that could be great, haha.
-if i can make stacy laugh or not say no right away, i know we’re on to something. most of the things i think of are RANDOM, or just things everyone is thinking but no one is saying

Q- What is your goal for Tuned In? Where do you see the company going/being in 5 years?
A- -to break even, haha. no, but seriously—my thing is, reaching out to people, relating to people, and having people get your vision… that’s my goal. having people see what we’re doing and appreciate it. in five years, i’d like to have product placement in some retail stores, a modest income, and a loyal group of friends/fans/collectors.
-well said. from a business perspective right now the focus is getting the brand out there because we are still the new kids in school. in five years i’d love to see a tuned in national tour with bands people have heard of. i’d settle for still being relevant.

Q- What makes Tuned In different than other clothing companies that are similar to yours? Why should someone feel compelled to buy your products?
A- -honestly? we genuinely care so much about the people who support us. we spend our time thinking about ways to help others more then we think about ourselves. every time we get an order, my day is made. it’s not like “oh, ANOTHER ONE,” it’s always this feeling that i can’t even explain… it’s a mixture of being happy, proud, and thankful.
-what doesn’t make us different? for starters me and stacy didn’t see each other between when we got the idea for tuned in. until the night before bamboozle which was our first event. who does that? we do. also we will never make something that we don’t absolutely love which means it might take a little longer for a new item to come out but it won’t just be whatever’s cool at the moment, it’ll be a good quality awesome product. i don’t think anyone should feel like they have to buy anything. i want people to see our merch and fall in love with it instantly. that’s how I buy my clothes. who cares if the lead singer of your favorite band has a hoodie? If you think its ugly then it’s a failed design.

Q- What experience do you have with clothing design?
A- -me personally? none. haha.
-fortunately, this is my area of expertise. i actually have a design degree and before tuned in. i did some shirts for  a couple maryland bands. haha we didn’t go into this 100% blind.

Q- What has been the response to your designs?
A- -pretty good, overall. as good as we could possibly expect, being the new kids on the block, if you will. the people who have paid attention have been in to it. the hardest part is getting them to pay attention these days, haha.
-nobody has straight-up said they hated one, that’s always a good sign

Q- How did you get started with designing?
A- -i’ll leave this one to Monique!
-thanks buddy. umm i saw The Matrix. no legit, i was all about going to school and being a spaceship engineer, I know right. but The Matrix came out and after that i knew i wanted to do movie effects; however i didn’t know you needed some kind of art background to do movies. went to school for graphic design and fell in love. now i can’t really see myself doing anything else.

Q- What speed bumps have you encountered with your clothing designing adventure?
A- -oh, Lord. one of the shirts we ordered for our launch (at bamboozle) was supposed to be printed in two colors. only one color was printed, and the color that WAS printed was too dark a shirt so the design didn’t come out the way we initially anticipated. also, our bracelets almost didn’t make it to new jersey in time for bamboozle. my flight to new jersey for bamboozle was cancelled and i had to fly to new york instead of Baltimore… haha. in general, since i’m in California and Monique is in Maryland, every day has some sort of a bump (like our time difference, for starters), but we like the rollercoaster ride. it keeps things interesting.
-don’t forget about our new shirt being stuck at the Canadian border for weeks…haha we have the best luck.
- hahahaha, i can’t believe i forgot about that!

Q- What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a dream in making their own line?
A- -keep your head up. be patient. think things through. always plan for things to be done and arrive a week before you actually need them.
-plan, plan, plan, and then be ready to throw that plan out the window. don’t be afraid to try something random. and remember everyone, you never know who you might meet or have met that can help you somehow

Q-  What has been you biggest accomplishment with Tuned In? And biggest failure?
A- -to me? we’ve just made some rad new friends who are loyal to our brand. oh! and Monique sold dr. phil’s son a swagger bracelet. so that’s pretty cool. failure? i don’t know. i think it’s all perspective. we’ve been really thankful for the responses we’ve gotten. would we like a better response? of course. but i don’t think i’d write anything off as a failure… we’re still learning and growing.
-i forgot all about that sale! i don’t think we’ve failed. I guess if I had to pick one, I’d say not making a “Free Leezy” t-shirt although a lot of our twitter followers told us if we made a Lindsay Lohan shirt they’d lose respect for us…

Q- Could you give me a little description of like one or two of your favorite items you’ve designed and tell the readers where you came up with the idea and why it’s your favorite.
A- -our name dropper bracelet was like a light bulb turning on in my head. we were discussing phrases for bracelets, and when we decided on name dropper and thought to make it glow in the dark, i swear it was a brilliant moment. i still think it’s the funniest thing ever.
-best thing we’ve ever done hands down. don’t know if we’re ever top it. our “you can’t lurk a lurker” shirt gets the most feedback. that was a saying i came up with randomly and just started saying to my friends. so many people wonder what it means and the answer is, everyone is guilty of prying on the internet trying to find some info on someone they shouldn’t be looking up and no matter how hard you try you can never get the answers you’re looking for, it’s because they are on the net lurking just as hard if not harder than you. true lurkers don’t get caught.

Q-  If you could choose any celebrity to wear/be the face of your line who would you choose and why?
A- -oh boy. i think we’d both die if we saw Ke$ha in a swagger bracelet. i always think it’s mindblowingly cool to have anyone (celebrity or otherwise) wearing our things.
i’d literally pee myself if that happened. six degrees of separation anyone??

Q-  Who are your biggest inspirations clothing wise?
A- -honestly, i dig the kids that mix a little bit of this and a little bit of that and come up with their own style. Monique will have a much better answer to this, undoubtedly.
-ha no pressure…Alexander McQueen did ridiculous impractical yet stunningly beautiful things that i see on the runway and in magazines and wonder “how could someone rock that?” and then Lady Gaga steps on the red carpet at the VMAs. i love that, i love fashion. as far as my own styling goes, my best friends inspire me. i go out with them and they look awesome to the point that i feel mediocre, so that makes me want to try something else to reach the bar they set.

Q- What are your favorite trends for fall/winter?
A- -leaving this one to Monique, too. haha.
-I will gladly take this one. all year i wait for the day that’s chilly enough that my 4 layers of clothing makes sense. favorite trends are boots, plaid, vests, layering, and hoods. my newest favorite trend is toggle buttons they’re so fun.

Q- Since your line seems to be biggest for kids who are into music is your line in anyway inspired by music?
-absolutely. both of us are heavily involved in the music scene and we’ve been working with bands for our mix tapes and now our recent collaboration bracelet with Storm The Beaches. we love music and it has given each of us so much, so we’re trying to give back to it as much as we can.

Q- Since you’re based in Maryland what are some are the best local bands to check out for people who want to know more about the MD music scene?
A- -Monique—this is alllll you.
-i’m biased but i think Maryland has a lot of good bands that the rest of the world needs to hear. everyone already knows about All Time Low, The Dangerous Summer, and You Me & Everyone We Know. other bands to check our are Storm the Beaches who we’ve done a collaboration with, The Hint, Oh the Story. i just found out about this band Clear for Takeoff. they did a show at The Point, new venue in Hunt Valley, and i really dig them.

Q- Who are some of your favorite bands?
A- -New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World and The Get Up Kids are my top three. Copeland, Death Cab, Against Me!, Brave Citizens, Dredg, As Tall As Lions, Transmit Now, Go Radio, Something Corporate, Say Anything and Motion City are all up there… oh I could go on for days.
-The Academy Is…, Senses Fail, and Motion City Soundtrack are my top three. Mariah Carey is my favorite artist. i have an obsession with Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj right now and have The Ready Set on repeat in my brain. yeah, i’m all over the place.

Q- Any upcoming plans in the works for Tuned In?
A- -Absolutely. We’re planning our new line, and we’re also planning a charity collaboration for early next year. And a new mix tape!

Q- Anything else you'd like to share about Tuned In?
A- -we’re awesome. hahaha.
-haha pretty much.

Q- What's your favorite flavor popsicle?
A--OH! the one that’s chocolate and vanilla in the middle and has the cookie outside. i haven’t had one of those in yearsssss.
- is that even a popsicle? umm any one that isn’t red cause i’m allergic.
-it’s a popsicle because i say it is! hahaha.