Monday, December 6, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Chris Denker

Q- How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard of you or listened to your music?
A- I'd tell them to have an open mind. I try to separate myself from the average "male pop singer" and give people something a little different, a little "rougher", and a little more real. So hopefully they'd be able to enjoy the change of pace that I try to bring.

Q- What makes you different from every other musician out there?
A- That's always a tough question. But to be honest, I feel like I'm able to fill a gap that's missing in the music scene right now. Like I said earlier, it's always about bringing something different to the table. I like to put on "shows", I like to entertain. It's never about just standing up on stage and singing some songs. I want my audience to feel like they're a part of the whole experience.

Q- What song of yours would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to your music before? 

A- As of right now, I'd say "She's Pissed". It's got such a different vibe to it and I think it really shows the listener what I'm about as far as creating outside of the box and telling stories as a songwriter.
Q- Who writes all your songs? Where do you get inspiration for the songs?

A- I write all of my own material. Some of the tracks I've released so far were also co-written by The Lab Ratz (Grammy-nominated producers/songwriters). To me, writing is such an important aspect of my artistry. And as far as inspiration, it really can come from anywhere at anytime. When I'm writing, I like to approach it more like a "storyteller" than a songwriter. I want the listener to be able to visualize what I'm saying and really just become lost in the song.
Q- What has been your biggest challenge so far as an artist?
A- The initial breakthrough is always the toughest part for every up-and-coming artist. Trying to build a fanbase and get your work recognized is basically a full-time job. But it's all about staying positive and knocking down doors.

Q- What has been your favorite show to play and why?
A- My favorite show I've ever performed at was actually back when I was in a music group. We opened up for Danity Kane at the Northern Star Arena in Jackson, NJ and the crowd was incredible. We got such a positive response and the whole energy of the show was just awesome.

Q- How do you get pumped up for a show? 
A- I'm actually very quiet before a show. I like to settle and get into a "zone", it helps me clear my head and focus on what's most important.. just going out and putting on the best show possible.

Q- What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about performing?
A- My favorite thing is being able to interact with the crowd. Like I said before, I like my audience to feel like they're part of the experience. And as far as a least favorite thing, I would say "technical difficulties" whether it's a microphone cutting out or a problem with the lighting, etc. But you always have to overcome and keep the show going!

Q- Who is someone you would like to tour with?
A- Lady Gaga. I feel like that's probably every pop artist's answer LOL. But she goes out and puts on a "show", it's not just a concert when you go see Lady Gaga and I think the two of us could put on one hell of a show.
Q- Out of all the songs you've recorded/written which is your favorite?

A- Probably "She's Pissed". But that answer changes every other week :)

Q- What do you hope you’re doing with your music/accomplishing in a year?
A- A year from now I'm striving to, at the very least, have the backing of a major record label and releasing my music on a large scale. Touring is also at the top of my list so I would hope to be either opening shows for mainstream artists, or headlining a smaller scale tour of my own.
Q- Do you have any advice for someone who wants to pursue a career in music? 

A- Do your homework. Understand the "business" side of the music business. And most of all: stay humble. Contrary to what you might believe, there are other people out there who know more than you. Be willing to listen and take advice, and never stop learning new things.

Q- What has been your weirdest experience with a fan?

A- I really haven't had any shocking or crazy experiences with fans (yet) but a girl tried to come up on stage in the middle of a show once.

Q-Who first inspired you to go after your dreams of music?
A- That's a good question. It honestly was something that sort of developed on its own. I was such a huge Michael Jackson fan growing up and I'd always mimic his moves which eventually led to me wanting to be a dancer. And from there I started to realize how much I loved performing and entertaining, and I knew that it's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Q- What’s one quote or lyric that inspires you most? 

A- It changes all the time, especially when I hear new quotes and lyrics but one that I've always loved:
"And all the roads we have to walk are winding.... and all the lights that lead us there are blinding." It's just a reminder that the journey won't always be easy.

Q- What’s something your fans don’t know about you? 
A- I'm actually somewhat of a nerd lol. I like comic books, video games. I'm a HUGE Batman fan. I also have a very sarcastic sense of humor. That's something I'm sure people will become more aware of along the way :)

Q- When writing a song what comes first the lyrics, the tune..etc?
A-It depends. Most of the time, I'm given a track by a producer and I write off of the vibe from the track. The melody will fall into place first and then the story starts to develop. I love the whole process, it's one of my favorite things about being an artist.

Q- If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose and why?
A- I'd love to do a song with Nicki Minaj. She's the hottest thing in the music scene right now and every single verse she writes is fire. Having her on a song would be bananas.

Q- If you had to be any color crayon which color would you choose?
A- I'd say Midnight Blue. Cause it's a warm color, but it's still dark and mysterious. I just made that up lol.
Q- Would you rather kiss a monkey or lick a door knob? 
A- Is it a cute monkey or one of those rabid flying ones from Wizard of Oz? And where is the door knob located? Is it in a public restroom or a private residence? I'd need more information before I could give you a definite answer here. :P

Q- What t-shirt in your closet best describes your personality and why?

A- I actually have like 14 button-ups. For whatever reason that's what I feel most comfortable in.

Q- Describe your ideal date? 

A- Megan Fox. Lol no.. I'd say just a nice dinner and a movie. Someone I can just vibe with and have a real conversation with.

Q- Any upcoming plans in the works for you we should know about?
A- Aside from my diabolical plan for world domination.... Right now I'm working on getting a chunk of shows booked for the beginning of the year. I'm always working on new music so definitely expect to hear more songs in the very near future. :)

Q- Anything else you’d like to include about Chris Denker? 

A- We haven't even scratched the surface yet. I hope everyone keeps rocking with me and joins me on my journey.

Q- What’s your favorite flavor popsicle?
A- I could probably live off of the light blue Freeze Pops. I absolutely love those.

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