Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Am Sick Of Pretty Little Liars Previews

Ok, not really. I love that show, but seriously can't we get a little Greek preview? No wonder the show isn't getting another season. ABC Family doesn't push it as much as it's other shows.

Luckily I found some snap shots from the season premiere of Greek on

I'm going to repost them here with predictions for what Greek  fans have in store for us next week.

Picture #1: Could we see a return of Calvin and Heath's relationship. I always did like those two together!

Picture #2 Who is Rusty giving that gift to? Could Rusty and Ashleigh FINALLY hook up!

Picture #3 With college ending for the older characters, where does this leave them? Where is Casey going? Hopefully she continues working towards that law career. Eventhough she only became interested in law because of Evan, I think the skills she has learned at ZBZ will make her an amazing lawyer or politican.  

Picture #4. Is that Evan at finanical aid? I guess things aren't getting any better in Chambers world. hmm. I wonder what he's planning to do after granduation?

Picture #5 The only though I have here is that I hate that red headed kid. Actually, I kind of hate Omega Chi too.

Picture #6 The lovely Casey Cartright working on a political campaign. Seriously if I could be any ficitional character I would choose Casey Cartright. I think my Casey adoration is probably best saved for another post. Keep a look out!

Picture #7 FINALLY a toga party at Cypress Roads! So if Cappie graduates will Rusty become the next president of Kappa Tau? And can we finally find out Cappie's real name. It's probably something run of the mill like Robert or something. 

Picture #8 It looks like all our favorite characters are at this CRU toga party. Is Rusty falling for a ZBZ?

Picture #9 Again, I just really don't like this guy. This looks like there's gonna be some sort of battle royal. Fight, Fight, Fight! haha!

See you here next Monday night for my weekly Greek blog after the season premiere. 
Don't forget Greek comes back next Monday January 3rd on ABC Family right after Pretty Little Liars

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