Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Just Might Cry on January 3rd

Especially if this ends up being the final season of Greek. Ok, we already know it's the last season, but there's always hope for amazing and over the top ratings to bring it back to life right?

If you haven't checked out Greek yet check out here's a little recap. The show follows the lives of a few college students. As the name foreshadows, most of the characters are in Greek organizations. What makes this show really neat is not only how real the characters are, but how relatable the show is for such a wide range of people. Whether someone is in college, looking forward to entering college, or looking back at their college years this show is appealing. 

Check out this cram session from to see what it's all about. 

Like what you see? You can easily catch up before the season premiere on January 3rd. Check out for full episodes of the shows.

AND if you do decide to watch it make sure to join in on the conversation HERE! I'll be blogging every week directly after the show! I'll be posting a short recap and, of course, my thoughts, gripes, and loves about the show. The first blog will be on the night of January 3rd! Make sure to tune in!

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