Monday, December 20, 2010

I Support Rolling Stone Magazine...

...for calling the Jonas Brothers losers of the year. Really what did they do this year? I am a Jonas Brothers fan (don't try to tell me I'm not by posting this blog!). I'll admit that they lost a lot of their appeal over this past year.

When I first became a Jonas Fan in 06 I became a fan because they made awesome music & their personalties were to die for. They were just three guys from Jersey. They were normal. They were approachable. They were relatable for a teenaged me.

But now they seem to have lost a lot of that relate-ability. Their music is still good (except for the Disney created junk from Camp Rock and JONAS). But they just seem fake and too hollywood. I wonder if they even remember that they were once just three boys from New Jersey "Living the Dream". Now they seem to be more about making money than making good music.

When was the last time you heard a Jonas song on the radio? No, not Radio Disney.

When was the last night they released a new song? When was the last time you heard them talking about music? Other than Nick, who I will admit seems to have his mind in the right place.

When was their last successful tour? I certainly wouldn't say the Camp Rock tour was successful.

I'd have to think Rolling Stone considered all these things when calling the JoBros losers for the year. Maybe 2011 will be different. Maybe they're be the most successful artists of 2011. Who knows?

In all this I'm not saying that I hate the Jonas Brothers or that I'm not a fan any more. maybe all I'm trying to say is I, along with Rolling Stone, was disappointed in the boys this year.

What did you think about Rolling Stone's opinion of the Jonas Brothers? Leave me comments. Seriously hate, love, whatever. Agree with me or try to convince me I'm wrong. Bring it on!

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