Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alright. I'm Doing Another Giveaway.

It really would mean the world to me to win this Blogger Contest. So basically I'm awarding EVERYONE who nominates this site something. (I'm not sure what the something is yet, but it's gonna be awesome!)

All you have to do for this contest is visit and nominate Tune Into L for Best-Kept Secret Blog and/or Best Music blog (You have to nominate 3 in each category, so if you need suggestions let me know!). Then fill out the Google Form below and I'll send you some sort of fun goodie just for helping me out!

The last day to nominate is January that's the last day I'll accept entries for the contest!

Yes, it's that simple. Alright get out there and nominate!


  1. i hope you get nominated. I nominated you in both categories you. good luck :)

  2. That you very much! I appreciate it a lot! <3