Friday, January 28, 2011

Any Teen Writers Out There?

This is so cool. Apparently Harper Teen is planning on publishing a book called The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon, which they acquired on the site!

For those who have never used the site, inkpop is a site that allows teens to post their unpublished work on a site run by Harper Collins. Fellow writers read and rate the posts and the higher a person's post is rated the more likely it is that the post will get read by someone at Harper Collins.

It's a really great opportunity for young writers to get their stuff out there, heard and potentially published!

In an email announcing the publication Fallon says about her experience with getting published "When I received my review from HarperCollins,  I was over the moon thrilled with it," said author Leigh Fallon."There were also a lot of very real revision recommendations. I took everything that the editor had said and started working on revisions. I was in the throes of those revisions when I got an email from Erica, an editor at HarperCollins. She wanted to work with me on revisions if I was interested." 

So cool. Congrats to Leigh Fallon on the publication. 

For those interested visit for more information about posting your own work. Who knows, you could even see yours truly on the site!

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