Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to see one of my favorite artists Ashlyne Huff at two different radio events. One was at Q102 in Philly and the other was at Z 104.3 in Baltimore. As a street teamer for Ashlyne of course I try to go to as many of these events as I can to help show support at these radio stations and they provide a great photo op! I'm never hot and sweaty at these events like I am at shows!

I figured I hadn't done one of these concert diaries in a while, so I'd start with one that was worth it.

The first radio visit was on January 19th at Q 102 in Philly. I hadn't really been to Philly a whole lot and I hadn't really listened to Q 102, but I was off work and it was close enough to drive to so I went with my friend Christina. The whole ride up was pretty interesting. neither one of us knew there was a way to take back
roads all the way to Philly, but we did. I drove on some sketchy electric bridge, drove past a Wizard's Layer, and were probably this close to being killed by Freddy or Jason.

We got to the station right on time. They let us back to this little theater. Ashlyne and her new guitarist Chris were set up on the stage to perform. Maxwell, Q 102's night DJ, was present to talk to Ashlyne. He asked her a few questions fans had asked on Twitter. It was really funny how she knew who everyone was just by their Twitter names. He asked my question about what her favorite book she read lately was. Then she performed two songs acoustically, White Flag, her current single and Whatever, her next single. Afterwards she met up with fans for photo ops. She loved the white flag I made for the radio appearances. She said it was a work of art. (aww!) There were only 4 fans in the studio watching. The one girl skipped a little school to see Ashlyne (I said I woulda done the same thing!). Then we were kicked out of the studio so they could do a little more interviewing.

We were sad that we didn't get to see Ashlyne a lot at this location, but we knew we were gonna try to see her two more times the next day so it really didn't matter that much.

After we got kicked out we hit TGI Fridays before driving down the road to DC.

Our next event was Fox 5 News in DC. We stuck out major at this event! We decided to stay in a hotel in DC to save gas and time. We got up early to get our free continental breakfast (Danon Light and Fit yogurt is delicious!) and watched the station for a few to see if they would talk about Ashlyne. We weren't sure if we should actually go down to the station to try to meet her or if we should stay in our hotel room so we could actually watch her performance. But in the end we decided to take our chances and go down to the station. Which was a waste, but makes for a funny story!

We got down to the station and the security guy at Fox 5 let us in only to laugh in our faces and tell us we were basically not going to be meeting Ashlyne today. Bummer! But at least he let us hang out in the lobby to watch her performance (yes, that's where I recorded the video of her performing on tv! haha!). We waited in the lobby with some girl who was probably there to interview for an internship or something. She probably thought we were nuts, but that's alright because she ended up loving Ashlyne's performance! She said Ashlyne reminded her of Ke$ha. I told the girl that her music may be a lot like Ke$ha's, but her personality is 100x better!

After the performance was over we left the studio and drove around it like five times trying to see if we could see Ashlyne leave. We saw a limo go into the parking lot, but we never saw it leave. After like 10 minutes of waiting we decided we should just head up to Baltimore because we weren't going to be seeing Ashlyne.

When we got to the area where the radio station was we had a lot of time to kill. So we hit up some weird Burger King- that oddly had pretty decent service and we hit the mall to promote. Being a good Street Team leader I printed out some flyers for See Camden and Ashlyne Huff for the weekend just in case there would be any good places to promote. We put flyers all over that darn mall. We put flyers in the Giant, we put flyers in the bathrooms, we put them all over the walls. Hopefully someone saw them and looked up Ashlyne or See Camden!

It was finally 1:45 so we went up to the radio station and little did we know what all they had planned for us. We ended up staying at the station for a full three hours. They had pizza and sodas and they had this cute little stage set up where Ashlyne performed White Flag and the Whatever song. The people from the radio station were like in awe that we had come down for this little radio station event. It was kind of funny. Obviously they didn't know us.

We had these little white flags that the Ashlyne Street Team leader made and Ashlyne was giving them to all the radio DJs and making nicknames for everyone. Like her's was Ashdizzle and I was Laurizzle. After Ashlyne's performance the radio people were asking Ashlyne all kinds of questions and they even quizzed us on Ashlyne facts- which we got right of course. After the Q&A we ended up talking about horrible jobs somehow and Nashville and all kinds of random stuff. Somehow we ended up recording commercials for the radio about Z 104.3. That was bizarre and I felt very awkward doing it, but oh well.

Oh and Ashlyne sang Happy Birthday to me because my birthday was the following weekend! It was really cool. The whole room of radio people sang. Check out the video I posted last week. I can't even really put into words how awesome it was!

Then we got to listen to White Flag on the radio! Z 104.3 played the song for the first time. It was the first time I had heard it on the radio and it was Ashlyne's first time as well!

After hearing White Flag we said our final goodbyes- hoping that we would be seeing her again very soon on tour. My fingers are still crossed on that one!

The End!

Hopefully I'll try to keep up with these concert stories this year! I've have a lot of fun shows coming up and I'd love to share my experiences with you guys! 

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