Thursday, January 20, 2011

Best Birthday Ever

So I basically had one of the best two days ever these past two days because I went to see one of my favorite artists Ashlyne Huff at a few radio stations and a tv station. I've been trying to post videos and pictures. I'll try to post some visit recaps soon! (I know I'm so behind on those!)

Anyway check out this video. It was taken at Z104.3. Ashlyne found out that my birthday is on Saturday so she sang Happy Birthday to me along with the Z 104.3 staff. So cool and so awesome and such a once in a lifetime experience! Thanks Ashlyne!


  1. What!! I would have wished you a happy birthday earlier if I had known! (late) Birthday hugs!

  2. Aww. My birthday's not until tomorrow! But thank you! :)

  3. yeaahh I realized you meant this Saturday rather than last Saturday. But that was AFTER I posted the comment. Hope you have a good one anyway! :)

  4. hahah!That's alright! I do that all the time! I definitely had a great birthday! Thanks!