Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review: Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls

After a day of reading super dense material for my English class and trying to make sense of my math work, I gave my day a nice turn of events. Earlier that week I got a sample version of one of Meg Cabot’s new books. The author of the widely popular Princess Diaries series has taken on a new character, of a widely different size.
     Allie Finkle is a sassy fourth grader who wants to impose her knowledge of the world to her readers. In the story Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls Allie is faced with one of the most difficult hardships a young girl can face. She learns that her family is moving. Even worse, her family is moving out of her school district, in other words she is being forced to change schools. Although, in my opinion, getting away from that Mary Kay Shinner is a blessing in disguise.
     I’ve been a long time fan of Meg Cabot. Above all other authors that I’ve read, even Cecily von Ziegesar, Cabot is the best author I’ve come across. I instantly connected with Mia, like a long lost best friend. And I wanted to be Susanna, there’s nothing better than having a gorgeous ghost boy living in your room.
     It was a bit harder to relate to the young Allie, but by the time I was half way into the story Allie took me back to the days when I was only four feet tall. Nearing the end of my childhood now, I was taken back to easier times and easier classes.
     I also loved her lighthearted rules for how to live a successful life as an eight year old. Actually some of the rules could probably be used in my life now. Like “Rule #1: Don’t stick a spatula down your best friend’s throat,” and “Rule #2: Don’t get a pet that poops in your hands.” Good one there Allie.
      The novel was pitched to me as a book that was trying to give the younger set a series of Meg Cabot books to get their jam hands on. But, I still read it because it had the Meg Cabot stamp. And for once a “celebrity” stamp of approval didn’t let me down. 
 I wrote this review awhile ago, but I thought it would be a good share. Apparently since I wrote this review, there are several Allie Finkle books in the series. So,make sure to check them all out. I know I certainly will!

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