Monday, January 10, 2011

Cute Quotes From Great Books!

So I kind of forgot to post this quote with my review of First Impressions. Whoops! So I decided just to post it in a stand alone post because I think it's a very poignant quote and definitely something worth sharing!

"Shane turned and looked at Vance for the first time since she had begun. 'My grandmother only grabbed for one thing in her life and that was love. She spoke French beautifully, read Shakespeare and tilled a garden. And she was happy. The only thing my mother ever taught me was that things meant nothing. Once you have a thing, you're too busy looking for the next one to be happy with. You're too worried that someone might have a better one to be able to enjoy it" (Roberts 142).

The fact that I used MLA formatting right there probably means I've written too many English papers in my time.

Anyway I think that's a very poignant quote. I think a lot of times people in our society are so focused on things- owning things, owning better things than someone else, wanting things- that they loose perspective on what is really important...the little things like learning a language or reading a book or creating something. Me included it seems like I'm always working to get money to buy something. Maybe in this new year I should step back, take perspective, and start enjoying some of the little things life has to offer.

So with that, let's talk. What are some of your favorite little things in life?

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