Monday, January 24, 2011

Expect This To Be A Great New Semester

Someone wise in the writing crew of Greek wrote that line. After Casey and Rusty had rough fall semesters both academically and personally they entered their Spring semesters with full force. That's what intend to do today.

Last semester I lost some focus and interest in school. I stopped enjoying my major and I found new interests in this blog and going to shows and just goofing off and doing whatever. This semester I want to go into the semester with a new perspective and really try to kick ass academically because I have some new goals that I know I can't achieve without a higher GPA. (The new goals include attending Belmont University in Fall 2012 aka Moving to Nashville, TN!) 

So how this effects readers of this blog. Starting January 24-the end of the semester in May I will only be blogging on Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday. If you see new blog posts on any other day I give you full reign to call me out on it- or it might be a prescheduled post. Hopefully this won't effect your opinions of this blog and I promise to continue to bring you awesome content even if it's just four days a week! 


  1. I'm really glad you're focusing on school but you're not going to desert us! Have fun in academicity!

  2. I won't desert you I promise! I've got lots of stuff scheduled to post already! Tune Into L won't die!