Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Vlog! (Please leave comments and criticism)

Hopefully future vlogs will be better and more entertaining than this one, but it's a start! So leave me ideas on how to make future videos more fun and interesting!


  1. So cute, Lauren! The only feedback I have is that the text was really distracting. Instead of putting a banner that streams the words in, you should just have it up in a block so people can read it and pay attention to what you're saying at the same time. I'm not too hot of a multi-tasker :) Oh and it was really long...but then again I would probably draw out my vlog to be like thirty minutes if I ever did one, so you actually did an incredible job!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! That makes sense. haha! I have add so the more stuff going on the better. It's terrible. I'll probably cut that stuff out next time.

    I need to work on the length too. I'll admit that. I'm way too long winded for video. I'm gonna try to shoot another one this week and keep it more interesting/shorter. The original one was like 30 minutes, but I cut a bunch of stuff out of it.