Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get the Lo Down

This afternoon Lo Bosworth had a live chat for those of us who aren't lucky enough to see her on her book tour (She really needs a DC date next time around!).

As much as I wish I could interview her either in person or over email by myself- this was almost just as good. Surprisingly people asked good questions and Lo was very open about everything.

For those of you who don't know, Lo's book The Lo Down came out this month! Of course she isn't the first Laguna Beach/The Hills alum to publish a book- Lauren Conrad has published quite a few that I've been meaning to read and review. Her book appears to be part personal bio- with behind the scenes scope and details about her life while she was a reality tv star and part relationship advice book. I haven't read the book yet, but after the live chat concluded I ordered my very own copy of The Lo Down. As soon as it gets here expect a full report as to whether my speculations from other reviews is correct.

During her live chat Lauren talked about how a lot of her friends come to her for relationship advice, so she thought it was only fitting to use her love and talent for writing to write about love and relationships both for her book and her website (

Surprisingly Lauren said that she wrote this book entirely by herself with no ghost writer. She said she felt a little bit like Carrie Bradshaw when writing this novel and experiencing New York this week on her book tour.

This isn't the only book Lauren plans to write. She said "This is only book #1!" She also eluded to a TV show in the works- that's not realty tv, but she couldn't spill the beans just yet!

Of her book tour, Lo said that what she loves is being able to connect with the fans that have been with her since high school on Laguna. She was absolutely terrified at her first stop in New Jersey that no one would show up, but of course loyal fans trudged out in the snow to meet the lovely Lauren Bosworth (I totally would have if I lived in New Jersey!).

One thing she said that's really positive about both the book and website projects is that they have given people another perspective on her. For people who may have thought she was mean on The Hill they're really changed their minds and seen another, kinder side of Lo.

In the final parts of her live chat Lauren talked about relationships and she gave advice to viewers. Here are just a few awesome points she made.
  • She said food is very important in relationships. Apparently there are many different recipes in her book. She loves to cook and says that food connects people.
  • She said that it's important that even if you go through a bad relationship or have a bad experience with dating you have to be able to have a place in your heart for others.
  • Finally, as a person who is in the spotlight and very successful with her career, she said for her it's really important to date someone who is confident and has their own thing going on. Because if the other person is successful they're more likely to be open and accepting of the responsibilities that come with her success
Make sure to pick up a copy of Lauren's book The LoDown. If you have already read it let me know what you think. Is the MTV star' book worth a trip to the bookstore?

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