Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get Styled By Lauren Conrad

I've always been a big fan of Lauren Conrad, former star of The Hills and Laguna Beach, she's got a sexy yet sophisticated, cute yet age appropriate way of dressing. It seems like even if she's in sweats she's gorgeous. So when Style came out I was extremely excited to get clothing suggestions from the best.

In the book Lauren goes through every single thing associated with building a personal style. She talks about every piece of clothing, every type of accessory, hair, make-up, how to dress for special occasions and school and work, and how to look Hollywood in photos. There's not one thing I can think of that she didn't cover. 

My favorite part of the book is actually two things.

Obviously most of the people who will be reading this book don't have a Hollywood budget to put towards a wardrobe. I like how Lauren kept that in mind while writing this book. She definitely gave enough good advice for how to use what you already have to make great outfits. And she also gave tips on how to extend the life of those pieces that you're gonna spend more money on. 

The other thing I loved was the websites she included for great shopping options. I really love when she shared some sample sale sites such as gilt.com, giltfuse.com, ruelala.com, hautelook.com, and editorscloset.com. I haven't bought anything from any of these sites yet, but I have perused them and they definitely get some great stuff and some of it really is affordable. If you wanna join any of these sites leave your email in a comment and let me know or email me at tuneintol@gmail.com- there are rewards for referring friends! 

For a girl who's looking to move away and make a new me in a few years- this book is a perfect guide for a new me! 

Overall I give it YYYY. The only thing I would do to make it better is to include more pictures for outfit ideas. 

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