Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Greek Recap 2nd Edition.

Sorry it took so long for me to get this recap written. I jsut realized that my birthday and subsequent birthday party are both next weekend and I have yet to clean up or prepare anything. So in the midst of being sick, I have been cleaning my butt off lately. So here are a slew of things I promised, but haven't done yet. AKA sorry people who subscribe to my blog...I will be posting a lot today. (haha! What's new!?!)

First thought on Greek I really kinda sorta miss Plain White T's being on there. Not gonna lie. Having live music in the background of Chapter 1 and 2 was pretty amazing. They really should have tried to incorporate another band in the show this season.

Alright so a lot happened on Monday night at was the best week known to Greek people history, Rush Week. Ok, maybe that's not the best week, but it is a very important week.

At ZBZ we had the return to Tegan (uh oh!) to make sure one of the best ZBZ houses was staying on track. She gave many of the sisters some much needed guidance. Rebecca attempted to show her that she is in fact capable of succeeding Ashleigh in the ZBZ presidency. Trust me I am just as skeptical as the next ZBZ. Sure Rebecca knows politics, but there's a lot more needed in a Greek presidency than politics. You've gotta be more than just a great figure head. You've also got to be able to get things done and lead your organization. Time will tell if Rebecca will lead ZBZ to greatness or tragedy in this final Chapter of CRU history.

Casey was also given some guidance from Tegan. While trying to find her place at ZBZ as a house mother, and alum, and a law student. Sure ZBZ will always be apart of Casey, but Casey won't always be an active member of ZBZ- so where should she make the boundary?

Funniest moment of the episode hands down was when Rusty and Dana came out of Rusty's bedroom and revealed that they reenact Star Wars scenes when they have sex. Expect a quote of the week post about that one!

Over at Kappa Tau Rusty was thrown right in to his new position as Rush Chair. When it was discovered that KT was loosing members, which caused them to loose money from dues, the KT's decided to throw Karmic Synergy aside this year to actually participate in Rush Week activities. Obviously the laws from The Secret were working against them with this strategy, or rather maybe it was just a friend gone foe that worked against them.

In the end of the episode KT's super secret Rush Week tradition party was busted by campus security meaning only one thing- by violating Rush Week rules (no alcohol shall be involved in any rush week activities) KT lost the chance to choose pledges. Thus there is no pledge class for KT this year- except for Peter Parker, the Spiderman legacy pledge.

Come to find out it wasn't Calvin squealing on his house's arch rivals to get approval ratings from his brothers- it was Calvin who was trying to secure himself a place in the Greek system to find his MRS.

Woah! That's a really long recap. Sorry! I'm just so in love with this show!

Check in next week when I give you a recap and analysis that will be guaranteed to be just this long, but hopefully will be on time!


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