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Honor Society Road Trip

I was cleaning out my computer this afternoon and I found a few blog posts from my old blog that I broke the link to. I thought since everyone is being sentimental and sharing memories from 2010 I thought I would too. This one is a little long, but it was definitely a BIG part of my 2010.

Last April I went on a road trip to see one of my favorite bands, Honor Society, with a few of my friends. It really was one of the best experiences of my life and, well, I'll just let the blog talk for itself. It's missing the piece from the Washington DC show, but still I think it'll be a fun read. Hopefully I can upload all the photos from these shows to my photo bucket to share with all of you.

April 23, 2010

So when I embarked on my Honor Society road trip it was my goal to blog every day from the road not only to remember my experiences, but to share them with you. It’s been a few days since my road trip ended and I still have yet to write a thing. The pictures are uploaded. The videos are uploaded. And yet there are no words to go along with the pictures. Last night was my last show and I think I finally figured out everything I want to say about  this weekend, the shows, and those wonderful men known as Honor Society (And Kait and Ashlyne too!!!). So bare with me this blog is bound to be long, there may be some sappy moments and I’m a bit tired so if some of it doesn’t make sense…I’ll fix it later when I’m in a better frame of mind.

So the road trip started on Friday April 23rd. I can’t believe it was a week ago! We left Maryland around 11ish pm headed for the big apple, well technically New Jersey because that’s where our hotel was, but it’s not like we stayed in our hotel long anyway. Being that it was my first adventure to the big city I couldn’t sleep on the way up. There really wasn’t much to look at and it was dark so if there was anything I couldn’t see it, but I was awake nonetheless looking around as Maryland, Pennsylvania and eventually New Jersey passed before my eyes. About 3 am we finally arrived at our first hotel in New Jersey. To our surprise the hotel had a Jacuzzi tub in. We seriously considered jumping in, but we had neither bathing suits nor time for frivolous things like Jacuzzi tubs. We had to be awake in 6 hours (ok, for Christina it was more like 2!). We all took showers and packed ourselves like sardines into a king sized bed.

At 6ish Christina woke up and headed over to the Nokia Theater to sit in line. Yes readers, over 12 hours before the show there were already people in line. While Sandra drove Christina over to save us awesome spots we (me and Atheena) slept a little longer and got ready. We headed over to the line by about 9 am, after eating food from the free continental breakfast at the hotel of course! By that time there were already quite a few people in the line, but luckily since we planned ahead we were only about 20ish people back from the front. And so the sitting and waiting began. My first time in New York and I got to sit in the middle of Time Square people watching. Luckily some ABC building was right in front of us so all day I was watching clips of “Good Luck Charlie” and “Grey’s Anatomy” on repeat. It honestly felt like I was in line for eternity. Mostly because I just wanted to see the show and maybe a little because those darn taxis kept honking their horns every 5 seconds. To be honest I wouldn’t have wanted to be sitting out there in line for any other artist. There is just something about Honor Society fans that’s unexplainable. They are some of the nicest people. I honestly wish I could keep in touch with every single one of them that I meet. (If I met you along the way get at me!)

When we finally got to go into the show it was pretty crazy. People were legit running down the stairs to get to the venue. I wanted a close spot, but I wasn’t about to bust my head open for a spot, although that probably would have made an impression on the boys. Much to the dismay of the people behind me, I’m sure, I was one of the few who walked down the stairs like a normal person. And I still was 2 rows back from the stage on Andy’s side. That is until people started pushing their way up. Which, by the way, is quite rude. If you wanna be in the front you show up at the butt crack of dawn with everyone else who wants to be in the front.

Anyway the New York show was amazing. I really wouldn’t have wanted to spend my first time in New York doing anything else other than seeing my favorite band. The night started off with Timberlan’s brother Free Style Steve (follow him on twitter @freestylesteve ) DJing. He is such an awesome DJ. He really got the crowd ready to go for the show. Up first was Ashlyne Huff (Follow her on twitter @ashlynehuff). I tried really hard before the show not to watch videos from previous shows because I wanted the show to be a surprise. But I did listen to Ashlyne and Just Kaits music just so I would kind of know what they were all about and I also started running the Maryland Street Team for Ashlyne because, well, I already knew she was going to be amazing! Her performance was really cool because not only is she a trained dancer, but she also has Elly with her to dance on stage during the performance, which was unexpected, but extremely welcomed. There was a lot of really great energy from her performance. Honestly Ashlyne is one of the most adorable people when she performs. She was quite hilarious. She played “Make It Rain”, “Sweet Nothing”, “Heartbeat”, “Trippin It Up?”, “Comeback” (There’s a cute dance for that song), and “Heart of Gold”. To introduce “Heart of Gold” she played a little Karaoke with her Now 33 cd. She sung “Bad Romance” and “Tik Tok” (and a little bit of “Bedrock”).

After her set, Just Kait came on. What I liked about this tour was that all the music (Ashlyne, Kait, and Honor Society) were really different styles, but at the same time they weren’t too different. I felt like they all had a common thread of pop, but then added their own flair dance, punk , rock. Anyway Kait was pretty ridiculously awesome. I like to describe Kait as Avril Lavigne if Avril wasn’t lame and wrote better songs. She sang “Girls World”, “Start from the End”, “Heart Shaped Bruise”, “Love Trying”, “Sick”, “Hot Stuff”, and a really awesome cover of “The Only Exception”.  I am always quite entertained when she cusses on stage. Kait is maybe one of the most candid people on stage ever. It’s like she’s all hi I’m kait this is who I am, go crazy out in the crowd and if you don’t like me you can talk shit about me later. Haha. No shit here for the record!

After Kait’s set it was finally almost time for what I had been waiting for, Honor Society’s set. Of course I was really excited. When they came on I was so excited to see them because it had been since Hershey New Years Eve since I had seen them. The show was of course amazing. It was either a sold out or pretty darn near close to sold out show. I could tell that the guys were like woah this is a lot of people. It was really awesome to be there and to be a part of such a BIG show. This wasn’t just another stop on the tour this was a show in freakin New York City. Those fans were really intense too. This one girl behind me caught Michael’s sweat towel and she and a mother started fighting over the towel. I was a little thrown back like wow. That’s passion right there. For once at this show I was finally on Andy’s side (when I mean for once I literally mean for ONCE. The rest of the weekend I was back with Jason). And for once I got good pictures of the kid (He seemed really jazzed about the one I had him sign in Allentown). I was really excited to finally hear “When I Get Home”. Like I said before I tried not to watch videos from the shows because I wanted them to be a complete surprise. Oh my gosh I almost cried during that song. I am really loving the lyrics to that song a lot. They need to record that asap. For now at least I have a live version chilling on my ipod to enjoy. Anyway the show was absolutely amazing, not that I’d expect anything different. By the end of the show I’m fairly certain we were all exhausted. We decided against the merch meet and greet line simply because we had a 5 hour drive ahead of us. So we said bye to NYC and hello to the 5 hour drive ahead of us…which might actually be one of the biggest stories of our trip.

Part 2
Before I forget...for future reference banks aren't open on Saturdays in NYC. The police officer literally looked at us like we were insane when we asked where the closest Bank of America was. I thought banks were open everywhere until noon on Saturdays, apparently not. Learn something new everyday I suppose!
The Norfolk, Virginia show was definitely my favorite of the whole tour. Getting there, however, was definitely not my favorite road trip ride of my life.

After skipping the New York Meet and Greet in order to make it to Virginia in time, we made it to Virginia eventually. Imagine four very tired girls who had just been to a concert embarking on a seven hour drive. There was a speeding ticket, a red light ticket, many McDonalds stops and a t least a hundred dollars spent on tolls just to get to the venue (that Chesapeake Bay Bridge/ Tunnel is ridiculous expensive and you’d think the maintenance people could at least clean up the dead seagulls!).  Our seven hour drive ended up being about 10 and we finally ended up at the Hotel in Virginia. All I remember about the hotel is that I took a shower there. And then we promptly left to sit in line at a venue like we had only hours before. This time it was later, around 9-10ish, and there were only about five to seven people in line.

There were several things about the Norva I loved. One was most definitely the mall across the street. For once food, bathrooms, and air conditioning was only a couple seconds walk away.

While sitting in line Kait and Ashlyne both came outside and hung out with the few of us who were outside. That’s for sure one of the benefits of arriving early- sometimes the bands come out and talk. If I haven’t said this before/enough Kait, Ashlyne and their band members are really nice people. They were so willing to sign things and take pictures and just chill with us outside. It’s really cool to meet talented, approachable people.

Also the people in line outside were really amazing. I don’t exactly remember everybody’s names, but I know I’ve gained some new facebook/fan friends who I am hoping to see again next tour! There’s a quote from Andrew that says something like Honor Society brings people together. It really is true. I have met some of the coolest people through Honor  Society and I have made some great fan friends. These are people who I definitely would not have met without Honor Society.

Before the show we made dinner reservations at the tavern that’s connected to the venue because apparently we could get in 15 minutes before everyone else if we made reservations and had dinner. Well, that almost wasn’t even worth the money spent because once everyone else found out about the dinner thing they made reservations. So basically everyone but like three people got in early.  Not only that, but we had quite possibly the slowest freakin waitor ever- in actuality he was probably moving at a normal pace-it’s just we wanted to get our food and get out. Which we did- as soon as he brought our food we paid and left. There was no way I was A-going to an Honor Society concert with that full of a stomach or B-sitting there to finish the whole thing, which would have probably made me 15 minutes late for the show. Very counterproductive that reservation ended up being.

After dinner we got back in line and went into the venue. The Virginia show was by far my favorite of the weekend and quite possibly ever. First of all the show was really small, which was a huge difference from the night before! While I felt bad for the guys having such a small show (especially after that huge New York show) it was good for me because it meant I had front row! One thing I really always love about Honor Society shows is the crowd interaction. All the guys are really good at making eye contact and engaging the audience. People make jokes about Michael Bruno’s eye sex, but for real the experience of having one of them make eye contact and sing a few lines of a song to you is just incredible and unexplainable for those who haven’t experienced it.

One of my favorite parts of this tour was definitely the acoustic set Honor Society did in the middle of their set where they played covers of “In My Head”, “Need You Now”, “Use Somebody”, and “Down”. And I finally got to hear “When I Get Home”, which just may be my new favorite Honor Society song.
Virginia was a super special show for me especially because it was my first merch greet and meet for the tour and I finally got them to sign my copy of “A Tale of Risky Business”. First up was Andy and he was so surprised to see the ep. He said they only see a few a tour or something like that and he told me about how he designed the cover and then Alex jumped in and talked about how he found the picture at the library, and I couldn’t think of the name of the books, but Alex was like he found the image from the Hardy Boys books. And then I went to Jason and he was excited to see it and he saw my original guitar pick necklace and he was like nice. And I think he went in for a hand hug, but I gave him a high five because I didn’t realize he was going for a hand hug at the time. He asked my name and I told him my name and then I went to Michael and I told Jason see you tomorrow because the DC show was the next day. Michael seriously looked at the ep like he had never seen it before. He took it out of the sleeve and looked it over. (Thank God I didn’t have any scratches on it.haha) I told him about how mine copy was legit, no ebay for me and how Christina was jealous that I had it. Ashlyne actually laughed at that a little bit. Haha.

Then I met Ashlyne and Kait again. We went over to them after their sets to take pictures since there really wasn’t a lot of people at the show. I told Ashlyne that I run her Maryland Street Team and she thanked me. She is seriously so sweet. When I met her at the signing Greet and Meet she was giving these promo cds for her debut cd which comes out May 11th! I also met Kait after her set to take a picture with her. She is seriously so sweet. At her signing greet and meet she had posters. Mine got kinda wrinkled, but at least I got another one on Thursday that didn’t get wrinkled.

After we all went through the Greet and Meet line we went outside and waited for them to board the bus. We waved bye to the boys as they left and then we went back to the hotel to get our car and travel to DC for our last show of the weekend and my second to last show of the tour.

Did you go to the Virginia Here Comes Trouble show? If you did share your experiences here!

Check in later this week for my DC concert experience. I know I’m running behind, but it’s the week before finals so I’m trying to keep up. ;)

By the way if you haven't picked up Honor Society's album Fashionably Late make sure to check it out. 

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