Monday, January 31, 2011

I Don't Even Know Who Bob Marley Is...

...And I'm still kinda digging these songs.

Ok, that's not true. I know who Bob Marley is, truth is I only know like zero songs by the Reggae legend. Never did I really expect myself to be listening to Reggae in my spare time. Much less did I ever think I'd be posting about it, but I seriously kinda like these guys.

The band is Lionize and they're a somewhat local band, from the Montgomery County, Maryland area. I came across them from an email blast from Earshot Media. At first I honestly looked over it and thought eh that's not really my thing, but then I thought about it and decided what is my thing? 

If I'm really going to try to write about and report on music shouldn't all genres of music be my thing? 

Or at least shouldn't I be able to look at all genres in an objective manner?

So I gave their soon to be released album Destruction Manual. Honestly I've been looking for good study music for a long time and I think I finally found it. I can't listen to top 40 or like Honor Society while I'm studying because those songs get me off track and make my mind wonder or my feet move and then I accomplish absolutely nothing. These songs, however, have just enough going on that I don't get put to sleep, but not too much going on that I get distracted or off track. 

A little bit about the band. There new album Destruction Manual comes out February 8th. 

" This twelve-song LP calls to mind classic reggae and rock albums with a decidedly modern spin. The band's foundation on drums and bass are LaMel Randolgh and Henry Upton who hint at a rock-and-roll version of Sly and Robbie joined with the classic scorching Hammond organ and key sounds from Chris Brooks and the commanding guitar and vocal work of Nathan Bergman. Reggae heavyweights David Hinds and Selwyn Brown of Steel Pulse lend their vocal talents on the track ‘Killers and Crooks’ as well as stalwart guitar work from Tim Sult of Clutch who also lends his talents throughout this record."

The band will be on all of this year's Warped Tour dates, so make sure to check that out. 

For more info check them out at or


  1. Okay I thought you were being serious in your title and I was like you don't know THE Bob Marley!?! I love Ziggy Marley (I think it's his son...or nephew or something) more :)

  2. I'll have to check out more of their music. I'm really digging the whole reggae thing. :) I'll check out Ziggy...I think he is his nephew. idk! lol!