Thursday, January 27, 2011

If Only You Knew

So the first week of classes is coming to a close and I've already broken that "I'm only going to blog Friday through Monday" thing. Opps. What can I say. I'm addicted to talking to you guys. 

In one of my classes this week, my Shakespeare class, a few of us got to class a little early and this one kid was talking about this New Media class I was trying to get into, but couldn't take because I hadn't fulfilled the prerequisites. He was talking about his ill perceptions of blogging, bloggers, and tweeting. He said something to the effect that he doesn't like reading other people's opinions. Then another classmate spoke up saying how all bloggers are like sketchy looking male sexual predators who write from their parent's basement in spiderman pajamas.

I didn't say anything at the time- and I know I'll be preaching to the choir by chatting on here, but oh well. I thought about what he said the past few days and it's really remarkable how wrong he is. I can't even count the number of awesome experiences I've had, great people I've met, remarkable opportunities I've had, and awesome people I've met because of this site.

Contrary to the popular stereotype my work doesn't allow me to sit in my parent's basement. Nine times out of ten my work involves me going out to cover shows, or to interview bands, or to promote bands. While I may be sitting in my room in my parent's house in my pajamas right now writing this blog, this is the exception not the norm.

When I tweet from the blog account my tweets don't consist of "I ate frosted flakes." I try to make them as interesting and as thought provoking as possible. My tweets are more about what music I'm obsessed with at the time or a way to ask you guys questions to hear your opinions.

His thoughts and words made me wonder if he had ever actually read a blog or website before. I don't feel like what I say is bull. From the feedback I get from you guys- I must not be the only one with this opinion.

Maybe one of these days I'll give him one of my promo cards and see if he really thinks blogs are pointless. My work might not be as important as the work of the president or a teacher, but to me it's important, fun and fulfilling. What more can someone ask for in a job?

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