Monday, January 10, 2011

My Allstar Weekend M&G Experiences

So I've seen that my Honor Society concert experiences has received a lot of hits, so I figured I'd post this little bit I wrote about meeting Allstar Weekend. I was going to send it in to a site that posts Allstar Weekend meet and greet experiences, but I think I forgot. So I figured I'd post it here. 

It's missing my latest adventure with the boys on New Years Eve. That might be the most epic, but I'm still writing and rewriting that one. 

So here it is. Enjoy! And feel free to share your experiences with Allstar Weekend!

Adubs Adventure Part 1:

My Allstar Weekend adventure started on September 5, 2010 at the
Maryland State fair. At this show I had the opportunity to interview
Allstar Weekend for my site Tune Into L. This interview, of course,
wasn't just any old regular, run of the mill interview. Of course not,
Adub's not normal! The interview took place in the back of a Penske
truck. That's right a Penske truck. If you've never had to get into a
Penske truck let me just say it's not as easy as it looked. I, trying
to be the tough girl who could do it herself, tried to pull myself up
into the Penske truck on my own, but epically failed and fell halfway
back down to the ground. Luckily Nathan was there to catch my hand and
pull me up into the truck. (I guess you could say I fell for Adub!)

So the interview began and come to find out my one friend who runs a
promotion site was also interviewing the guys that day and so we split
them up. Me and Alex choose Nathan and Cameron because, well, we
wanted Cameron. They turned out to be a pretty darn good choice.

I asked them my list of questions and being the ADD, crazy boys they
are they kept trying to climb the sides of the truck and they were all
over the place, which actually made the interview video even more fun
and more entertaining. At one point Cameron called Mike and Zach
orangutans...and ever since I've thought of them as the orangutans. (I
can only imagine what that truck looked like from the outside as much
as I felt it rocking inside).

After the interview was over we went outside and kinda chilled to the
side of the crowd and oOoed and ahhed over the amazing and unique
experience we had just had with the boys. So we're watching them on
stage and the guys kept looking over at us. I honestly have so many
pictures from that show of Cameron or Nathan looking straight into my
camera and smiling. After the show they had their meet and greet. The
line was ginormous (Justin Bieber was also at the show that day. So
there was a lot of people at the fair that day!). We waited over to
the side to get in the back of the meet and greet line. We were right
in their line of view and they kept looking over at us the whole time.
So naturally we kept laughing and making it look like we were having a
good time. Me and my friends did the meet and greet and that was my
first hug from Cameron. And woah! The kid gives amazing hugs!!! At the
end I told them see you next week!

Adubs Adventure Part 2:

Part two took place at the York fair in Pennsylvania. It was like
exactly a week later. Before the show stared my friends and I decided
to wait out in the parking lot because we could see the backstage area
of the stage so we decided we wanted to try to see Selena arrive.
Apparently she is either a ninja or she came in on the other side
because we missed her, but we did get to see Allstar Weekend. The
whole time during Selena's soundcheck my friends and I were having our
own little parking lot party. We were dancing and signing to the songs
and eating boat loads of candy. And, of course, ASW was in the
audience watching Selena's soundcheck and apparently us too. I'm glad
we could entertain the entertainers!

Later my friends and I all got to do the Selena Gomez meet and greet,
which was backstage where we ran into Zach, Cameron, and Michael.
(Apparently Nathan saw us, but we never saw him). The best was when
Cameron saw us because he got all excited and said "hugs all around"
and gave me quite possibly the best hug of my life! The fact that he
stopped and talked to us/remembered us was pretty amazing.

After Sel's meet and greet we went out to our seats and before Allstar
Weekend went on I was talking to the people around me and I was like
"The band opening for her. I kind of know them. I interviewed them
last weekend." Of course they were like yeah right, but when Allstar
took the stage Nathan looked over to me and smiled like "hey girl" and
then Cameron saw me and gave me the biggest, silliest smile ever. We
went through their meet and greet at the end of the show and we were
all sad because that was the last time we were seeing Allstar for the

Adubs Adventure Part 3:

This story happened a few weeks ago at their Suddenly Yours tour in
Baltimore, Maryland. My friends and I got VIP, of course. Somehow I
was pursuaded to go first. When I got up there I had them sign this
car magnet I get everyone to sign at shows (see my Days Difference in
New Jersey story). Cameron gave me the biggest hug ever and said "it's
so great to see you again, how have you been." I was a little
speechless that he remembered, but I kept my cool and responded. Then
he told me he liked my shirt, which became a big joke with my friends
for the night because I then realized that he could infact see down my
shirt. Whether he did or not is unknown, but I mean really...he's a
boy. :P

The show was amazing, as always. We kinda hung in the back, but we
were still having an amazing time. And I believe they knew where we

At the end we did their meet and greet. I actually ended up getting
two pictures. The first one was kinda normal except for me not paying
attention. And then they decided they wanted Greg in a picture. I
wasn't sure if I was supposed to stay for this picture. I was mildly
confused. But I got to stand with Cam's arm wrapped around me for that
much longer, so I wasn't complaining! I decided we should do that
picture as a funny picture, but I was again a little confused. I don't
know if you've ever tried talking to them, but they all talk over each
other, so I wasn't sure if they heard me or not, but apparently Zach,
Cam, and Michael heard me. Me, Nathan, and Greg are just smiling like
what's going on, which I think makes this picture even more funny.

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