Monday, January 31, 2011

Pad That Resume

Apparently Shakespeare is a very thought provoking class. Maybe not for the reasons it's suppose to be, but at least I'm thinking, right?

Today in my class a few upperclassmen were talking about how all the things they've done in the past three years have had to do with building their resumes. And how they haven't really had a lot of fun these past few years in college.

In high school, I was that kid. Trust me. Every AP class, every extracurricular, even down to the books I read I considered in relation to how they would help build my resume and help me get into my dream school.

Then college and turning 20 happened and I realized what's the point of life if you're doing stuff and not having any fun? Seriously? I know everything in life isn't supposed to be fun and I know sometimes you have to cut out some of the fun to take care of responsibilities, but really where's good in always being stressed and having no fun ever? Or waiting to have fun until you're successful and too old to enjoy it?

As I'm in what is hopefully my second to last semester of college (ok, of my English Bachelor's Degree...probably not of college forever) I'll admit a lot of the things I've done are things that would look great on a resume, or at least the type of resume I'm trying to build. I've run a few state street of which is definitely for a girl who went to the school where I'm looking at completing my second bachelors at, I've held two jobs, and, oh yeah, I've created this site from the ground up! But they're things that I enjoy!

Maybe I haven't done enough to secure my future. Maybe I'll get out into the real world and find that I'm screwed when put up against these kids who stressed all their lives about resume padding, but at least I'll know my journey was fun, right?!?

I kind of have no idea where I was going with this blog, but we'll go with this: The moral of the day is find some fun in your life!

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