Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scared Straight Scared Me

I finally remembered to watch Scared Straight on AE. For those unfamiliar it's this show where they take a group of trouble kids who steal, do drugs, underage drink, and other deviant things. They put these kids in the hands of inmates in some of the toughest prisons to scare them straight.

Check out this preview clip below:

This was from epiosde I watched where a group of girls went into a female prison. Many questions were raised during this show like why is a 13 year old doing drugs and having sex? Why was the other 13 year old being such a smart ass to the scary prison lady who actually looked like a man? Why was that 17 year old dressing like a prositute in an all womens jail? I mean really. The way children are raised now a days is just appalling!

After watching only one episode I would definitely recommend the show, but I'm not 100% sure why. I seem to have some sort of obsession with jail shows, but it's definitely an interesting experience. It's kind of like intervention where in the beginning you're like what the heck why are these kids so stupid and then by the end you're crying and hoping they turn their lives around.

Scarred Straight airs Thursdays at 10:00 and 11:00 on A&E.

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