Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Start From the End!

Last night was the last season premiere episode of Greek on ABC Family. The episode naturally started at the end leaving viewers with many questions to have answered this semester- mostly about Casey and Cappie's relationship.

After we saw three of the older characters, Ashleigh, Casey, and Evan, graduate we spring forward to the end of summer to where Casey is moving out of CRU, Evan is prepping for Law School, and Ashleigh is hating her new life in NYC.

Casey ends up finding out that she did not get into CRU Law because of one bad letter of recommendation written by Joel. After confronting Joel about the letter he decided to rescind it allowing Casey to return to CRU for Law School! Which, of course, will give her and Cappie more time to be around each other!

Near the end of the show Casey gave Cappie and ultimatum- that he seems to intend to keep. She told Cappie that he finally has to grow up and stop being such a flighty Van Wilder character. He seemed to elude to his determination to finish school when he promised Rusty this would be his last year as Kappa Tau president.

Alright enough with this recap stuff. I think it's time for some predictions or hopes for the season.

1. I hope Ashleigh comes back from NYC. Casey and Ashleigh need each other. Long distance just isn't right for them. And she really needs to hook up with Rusty.

2. Casey needs to flourish in Law school. And maybe, just maybe, she will do better in law school than Evan. I'm really hoping for a moment similar to the end of Legally Blonde where Elle is like Valedictorian and he ex is like a failure.

3. Cappie needs to grow up. Whether it's for Casey or not. He needs to stop being Peter Pan without getting rid of his free spirited personality.

4. Rebecca needs to be put in her place by someone. I'm really hoping it's Abby aka the girl from High School Musical.

5. The show needs to be renewed for a 4th season. I want- no I NEED to see Rusty's senior year in college. Once I realized we're both in the same year in school I've decided I want to go through my junior and senior year with him.

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