Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Teen Mom 2 Recap Week 1

This is going to be really short, I promise. There's only like 4 things I wanna say about this show.
  • Jenelle needs to like get over herself and be a mom. There's a difference between going out every once and awhile to maintain a sense of "Hey, I'm an adult not just a Mom" and "I'm still a teen so I'm going to go out every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday." Get over it and take care of your darn kid.
  • Chelsea reminds me of Farrah. She's spoiled. She had a kid. Daddy continues to spoil her. Ok, no one cares. 
  • Kailyn. Who the hell was Kailyn. I don't remember oh wait...never mind I remember. I feel really bad for this girl. She has like no one. Her mom is a piece of crap who doesn't really care about her/can't do anything to help her even if she wanted to. Her baby daddy hasn't grown up and doesn't want to spend time with her. The only person she has is her baby daddy's mom- which is only mildly awkward. Hopefully her situation gets better this season.
  • Leah. This is the only mom I truly care about. She's like the Maci of Teen Mom 2. But the fact that I know she gets back with her baby daddy almost ruins her story line. I know the beginning and I know the ending, hopefully my curiosity about the middle will keep me interested until the end of the season.


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