Monday, January 10, 2011

Wicked Mini Series

Apparently ABC and Selma Hayek are working together to create a miniseries for the network based on the book Wicked.

I've been meaning to read the book and see the musical. Maybe this will be just the fire under my butt I need to get on reading this book.

Has anyone read Wicked and would you recommend it?


  1. Highly recommend it. I, though, seem to be one of the few people who did not like the musical (they changed way too much from the book).

  2. I haven't seen the movie OR read the book, but I do have the soundtrack to the musical -- it's amazing! I listened to the entire thing in one sitting (which took like three hours...) and afterwards I couldn't get the songs outta my head. Gotta love showtunes :)

  3. The book is really good. But yes, it is different from the musical. I actually saw the musical in NYC first before reading the book. I thought it was absolutely amazing. It's definately my favorite musical, and the soundtrack is amazing. It's so good that with the song before the intermition, the show could probably end there. But it keeps going and is even more amazing! I highly recommend you go see it. I've seen it twice now, once in NYC and once in Philly, and we might be going again this summer!