Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year Long Street Team Challenge

The point of this street time is to get the word out about the site. So  I wanna see how many people you can promote to in a year.

Recently I printed up all new promo cards. For this challenge I am giving you a year to give them to as many people as possible. Give them to people at concerts, in bookstores, at the movie theater, at school. Give them to your friends, family, anyone! But I want proof, so don't forget your camera!

I want you to take pictures of every person or group or people you give the cards to. These pictures will be used in a slide show on the site.

So how does the contest part work?

Each picture you send in will count as one entry in the end of the year raffle. If there are multiple people in the picture you will get one entry for each person in the photo (ex. if there are 5 people in the picture you get 5 entries).

How will the end of the year raffle work?

Over the year I'll be collecting all kinds of stuff like autographs, band merch, books and basically whatever cool stuff I can get my hands on to giveaway next December 2011. (More details will be released closer to the date!)

Two Additional Ways to Win Points

1. You may send in 1 picture of yourself with a promo card which will count as one entry. If you send more than one of yourself they will NOT count as entries even if they are added to the slideshow.

2. If you get a picture with a band, author, actor/actress, or other notable person with a card you will receive double raffle entries (ex. if there are 4 band members you'll receive 8 entries).

If you are interested in participating email me your mailing address to and I will send you a set of promo cards to get you started.

Any Questions?
Get out there and promote!

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