Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Will Never Say Never To The Biebs!


Of all the people in the music industry right now I think Justin Bieber is one of the most understood and underrated by most people as a whole. For kids he's just a cute boy who makes music and for anyone over 16 he seems to be the little annoying pop star who just won't go away. Well, after this movie I gained a whole new respect for Mr.Bieber.

One thing that I really liked about this movie compared to other similar music movies (The Jonas Brothers Concert Experience, and the Hannah Montana Concert Movie) is that it was more than just a concert movie. The concert footage was carefully woven in with bits and pieces about Justin's past, his journey to achieving his dream, and his day to day life now that he's an international super star. It was really interesting to see where the kid came from. Prior to this movie I wasn't really sure if I actually liked the kid, but afterwards I really decided that he's just an extremely talented boy trying to find his way in the music world. 

I really liked how this movie really showed a lot of what goes into the everyday life of a pop star. The movie allows viewers to see the show from all aspects and view certain aspects that they otherwise wouldn't have seen. 

Of all the things this movie did the fact that it made Justin seem even more like a real teenage boy- like a kid you might have went to school with. The human aspect really made me like the kid even more and made him so much more relatable. I realized that he's working hard and following his dreams just like I am. 

I know that everyone is saying this, but even if you're not a Bieber fan you should definitely take the time to see this movie. Even if you bootleg it offline from somewhere. You'll definitely walk away from this film feeling inspired and awed.

For those of you who still don't think he's talented. Watch this cover and TRY to prove me wrong.

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