Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rude vs. More Rude

I could only actually watch this video once because the girl's giggling was just a little much for me. But I was curious to see Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's apparent rudeness towards fans.

Basically here's the situation. The couple was at a hotel and a group of fans were gathered trying to get pictures with the Biebs. Basically they got blown off until the very end when Justin took a group picture with everyone.

Now the whole thing is blowing up on Twitter as to whether Justin and Selena have changed because of their fame and to what degree the two were being rude to their fans.

Here's my opinion: While I think it was rude of the two stars to completely ignore their fans and not take pictures when they obviously had time, I found the fans to be more rude. If I had been in Justin and Selena's shoes I probably wouldn't have taken pictures with them either. Their screaming and squealing was like the epitome of fan girling.

Here's the video. I want you to watch and tell me what you think. Were Justin and Selena being rude, or is it acceptable that they tried to ignore the fans because they were trying to have an alone moment ?

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