Sunday, February 6, 2011

Visuals vs. Vocals

Like almost everyone else I just watched the Super Bowl half time show starring the Black Eyed Peas with random appearances by Slash and Usher. A full review will come soon, but it made me really think about something.

I've been to a lot of concerts. Some have been amazing. Some not so much. Some were visually boring, but vocally and musically amazing and vice versa.

To me, that half time show was visually amazing and vocally just not so much. The lights, the sparkles, and all the choreographed dancing was spectacular. To think of all the work that went in to choreographing that show is crazy. The music, however, was just kind of blah. Fergie was a little off and absolutely butchered GNR. But still to have have seen that live would have been amazing.

So here's what I want your opinion on...What matters more in a performance the vocals or the visuals? Does an amazing visual performance make up for horrible vocals & musical performance or are both important for a great performance?

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