Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jimmy Eat World Croc Rock Show Review

Jimmy Eat World Rocks Out at Croc Rock
By: Liza Boodhansingh
Fog filled the stage and drifted toward the crowd as the lights went down.  The whole band, other than the lead singer, made their way on stage.  The lights flashed on and Jim Adkins ran on stage to join the band.  The music began and the crowd went wild.  Jimmy Eat World had just begun an epic concert.
They started off with “A Praise Chorus” from their 2001 album, “Bleed American.”  The amount of energy in the room was already incredible but not yet at its best.  That came later on.
Next on the set list was “My Best Theory” and “Coffee and Cigarettes.”  Both songs are from their most recent album, “Invented.”  They also took a trip back as far as 1996 to play “Thinking, That’s All” about halfway through the set.  Jim had mentioned they were playing this song upon request and the last time they played this song live was at the Allentown Fair.
They played a variety of songs from their albums: “Clarity” (1999), “Bleed American” (2001), “Futures” (2004), “Chase This Light” (2007), and “Invented” (2010).  Jim’s guitar solos were incredible.  There was a great deal of energy in the air.  He jumped around on stage with the beat of the music.
Jimmy Eat World slowed the show down a bit with “Hear You Me” from “Bleed American.”  Jim pulled out his acoustic guitar for this song.  He had Courtney Andrews sing back up. The crowd could be heard very well singing along too.
The set completed with a nine minute “Goodbye Sky Harbor” from “Clarity.” This was not their finally goodbye.  The encore began with their newest album’s title “Invented.”  They couldn’t leave without playing “The Middle” and closing with “Sweetness” from “Bleed American.”  The crowd was at its loudest for these songs.  Everyone sang along at the top of their lungs, while dancing and jumping around with excitement.
Most songs were played back to back.  Jim threw in a thank you to the audience several times throughout the concert. He appeared to be very focused on the music. It was a total of one hour and 40 minutes of an impressive performance.

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