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Contest: Where Are My Bruno Mars Fans?

Who wants one of these super cute Bruno Mars stickers? Or should the question be who DOESN'T want one?!?!

I have a bunch of these to give away, so the likelyhood of winning high.

There are two ways to enter.

Here's how to enter:

Step 1:

First Option: Make a sign that says "I'm Tuned Into L" and take a picture of yourself holding the sign.

Second Option: Use the editing software or website of your choice (picnik is fine) to put the phrase "I'm Tuned Into L" onto a picture of yourself.

Step 2:

Email this picture to with your full name and mailing address. Please put "Bruno Mars Contest" in the Subject Line.

This contest ends next Saturday May 7th, 2011. Good Luck!

Royal Nuptuals

The Royal Wedding
By: Lauren Parks

As many people are aware today was the day of the British royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine “Kate” Middleton. This wedding has been said to be the wedding of this century. It has been reported that approximately 3 billion people watched the wedding this morning.

Kate Middleton is the very first commoner to be married into the Royal family.

The wedding took place in Westminster Abbey at 11 o’clock in the morning. Which was about 6 o’clock in the morning eastern time. However, many television stations aired everything from when members of both Kate and William’s finally rode to Westminster Abbey to the kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Kate wore a very beautiful wedding gown designed by Sarah Burton who is the creative director of Alexander McQueen. The dress was a white silk dress, with lace sleeves and a handmade eight foot long train. It was a tight fit bodice and had a deep v-neck. The dress was perfect in showing of Kate’s slim figure.Kate’s bridal bouquet was shield shaped and was made up of Myrtle, Lilly - of- the- Valley, Sweet William, Ivy, and Hyacinth. 

Prince William wore a red Irish Guards officer uniform.

There were 6 bridesmaids which included Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton who was the Maid of Honor.

As for groomsman, Prince Harry was the only groomsman as he was the Best Man.

This wedding definitely gives girls all over the world the hope that they too can find their prince and become a princess.

Congratulations to His Royal Highness Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis and the now Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.

Ashlyne Huff's Album Cover

Ashlyne Huff's new album "Let It Out" officially drops June 3rd. Who's Excited?

Wherever You Are Tour- Starring Honor Society, Action Item, and Katelyn Tarver

Ocean Grove- Dream Date Pittsburgh, PA 4/28/11

Video By: Christina Davis

Ocean Grove Soundcheck in Pittsburgh, PA 4/28/11

Video By: Christina Davis

Crew- Intro at the Ocean Grove Show in Pittsburgh, PA 4/28/11

Video By Christina Davis

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's Be Animals By The Downtown Fiction

BY: Lauren Miller              
 This past Tuesday The Downtown Fiction’s much anticipated debut album “Let’s Be Animals” was released to the world. After two stellar ep’s the boys had a lot of high expectations to fill and they certainly delivered.
               Cameron, Eric, and David always know how to deliver the fun- whether in a show or a recording- if you’re not having fun than there’s obviously something wrong with you. This album is a perfect addition to your next party playlist.
               The title track “Let’s Be Animals” is a fun, playful track with lyrics like “Lets kiss in the dark,sleep im the trees, do what we like, go where we please, let's be animals”. It’s the perfect song for a fun summer night.
          “Thanks for Nothing” is the best ‘fuck you’ song since, well, “Fuck You.” This song works for any relationship gone sour. One post of “Now I know it wasn’t meant to be, I have one thing to say, and that’s thanks for nothing kiss my ass,” on the social network of your choice and people will know you mean business.
          The instantly popular “I Just Wanna Run” appeared on the scene early 8 months ago when the music video, starring the boys and several TDF fans, hit the internet. It has quickly swept the alternative music scene becoming an instant fan favorite.
          This album is a definite must buy!
If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the album on iTunes and While you’re their check out the remaining dates on the Let’s Be Animals tour and check out their live show if they come to your town!

How to Get Great Looks For Less

By: Mari Givens

    Shopping Is always fun and always proves to be an exciting experience. However, sometimes when shopping, It can become quite expensive. Which Is exactly the reason
you should grab every deal you spot and give the "sale price" a chance. Sales are really friendly and they are always kind to your wallet. Its Important to know when It comes to fashion, knowledge Is key. So I searched around the net and found some really great fashion tools. Websites that help to locate pieces for your wardrobe, right for every price range. A few of the sites even have Interactive features, where you can create various looks.

Polyvore Is my personal favorite and I love using this website every free moment that I have. Polyvore Is really great and It allows you to have visuals of potential purchases together In the same place. It allows you to take Items from all over the web, and from different clothing lines. To create looks that will work great for you and your lifestyle. Take a moment to create your own page, where your fashion dreams can come true.  Its a really great way to save money and time. Its an Interactive site that also allows you to shop directly.

Below Is a link to my Polyvore page :

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" Trailer 1

Greetings from Runner Runner! Funny.. or Die?...

Greetings from Runner Runner! Funny.. or Die?...

Check out Breanne Düren's Vlog & EP Preview!

I'm With The In Crowd

By: Lauren Miler              
                Last Tuesday April 26th I finally popped my Forever the Sickest cherry when the boys from Texas rolled into the Recher in Towson, Maryland. Even though they totally exceeded my expectations and were the main reason I went to the Spring Break Your Heart tour, We Are the In Crowd was the band that impressed me this time around.
               Keep in mind that I’d seen WATIC three times prior to this show on the Glamour Kills tour in March.  But of course those shows I was too jazzed about seeing The Downtown Fiction to really pay attention to any of the other sets. Thursday was the first time I actually listened to them.
               I was truly impressed by the stage presence of this band. Taylor Jardine quickly became one of my favorite lead singers. Not only does she have a killer voice, but she was also one of the nicest, most down to earth lead singers I’ve ever met. And she did all this while feeling sick. I wanna take this time to give crazy mad props to her.
               After the show I took the time to download their album Guaranteed to Disagree. A key track for me on this album was definitely “Never Be What You Want.” With lyrics like “and here’s the part, where I started to make, my own damn decisions, and make a name for myself,” anyone who’s ever tried to pursue something that’s against the grain could find this song easy to connect to. 
               And the song that opens the band’s set, “Carry Me Home,” is an equally catchy song. The play between Taylor and Jordan’s voices is really amazing in this song. This dueting works very well for the band and is what makes them different and valuable to listen to.
               Make sure to catch the band on the Spring Break Your Heart Tour with Forever the Sickest Kids. If you can’t see this tour keep an eye out for their summer tour with Taking Back Sunday, Thursday and Colour Revolt.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Break Your Heart Towson, Maryland Pictures

By: Lauren Miller

Exclusive Interview with Andy from The After Party

Check out this awesome interview with Andy from The After Party. And don't forget to check out the band on their Spring Fling Party Tour.

Q- So, you’re getting ready to head out on your Spring Fling Party Tour can you tell us a little bit of what to expect on that?
A- Expect a lot of fun, a lot of party, and a lot of dancing! We've got an awesome group of bands lined up for this tour, and its in your best interest to make it out to a show!

Q- How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard of you or listened to your music?
A- We are a pop band with a lot of big harmonies, catchy melodies, and music you can dance to.

Q- What makes you different from every other musician out there?
A- We are some of the friendliest, down to earth guys out there. We've met a lot of artists who have big heads and are "too cool for school." We're not like that at all. We treat our fans like they are our best friends!

Q- What song of yours would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to your music before?
A- Our new single "Can't Stop."

Q- Who writes all your songs? Where do you get inspiration for the songs?
A- All four of us write together. We make up the perfect team and our songs wouldn't be the same without any one of us. We get inspiration from girls, relationships, and life in general. We are young kids, and we write songs that are relevant to our lives that other kids can relate to.

Q- What has been your biggest challenge so far as an artist?
A- The biggest challenge has probably been gaining respect. Because we are so young and new in the scene, some people feel we haven't proven ourselves yet. It's really frustrating sometimes, but I guess its part of paying your dues.

Q- What has been your favorite show to play and why?
A- That is tough. Every show we play is a blast, and we have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to perform in front of so many people around the nation! I think my favorite show is any show that our fans come to and have a great time!

Q- How do you get pumped up for a show?
A- Normally I start off with a little yoga and stretching, then we do vocal warm ups. There's not really much too it, I just get pumped as soon as I go on stage!

Q- What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about performing?
A-My favorite thing about performing is the connection you make with the audience. I love seeing their response to our songs. There isn't really anything I don't like about performing!

Q- Who is someone you would like to tour with?
A- It would be crazy to tour with someone like Lady Gaga! It would also be fun to get out with Action Item and Allstar Weekend.

Q- Out of all the songs you've recorded/written which is your favorite?
A- Probably "Secret Lover" or "Can't Stop."

Q- What do you hope you’re doing with your music/accomplishing in a year?
A- Hopefully our music will have spread even further by then! If we can continue to travel the world, making new fans and changing lives, that is all we can ask for!

Q- Do you have any advice for someone who wants to pursue a career in music?
A-Perform as much as you possibly can, and take every opportunity that comes your way! If you are serious about pursuing a career in music, you have to take some risks to make your dreams come true.

Q- What has been your weirdest experience with a fan?
A- I think the first time we went out on tour and realized we actually had fans was a weird experience! I remember playing shows all over the country and seeing kids we didn't know sing along to our songs. It was a pretty incredible feeling!

Q-Who first inspired you to go after your dreams of music?
A- My father was a musician, and growing up I was always around music. I fell in love with music at a young age, and both of my parents have encouraged me to continue chasing my dreams since then.

Q- What’s something your fans don’t know about you?
A- I was a big nerd in high school! I always did my homework, studied for tests, and enjoyed reading! Who would have guessed?

Q- When writing a song what comes first the lyrics, the tune..etc?
A- It varies from song to song, but generally the melody comes first. Then lyrics and production follow.

Q- If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose and why?
A- It would be incredible to write with Dr. Luke and Max Martin. They are some of the greatest song writers in the world!

Q- If you had to be any color crayon which color would you choose?
A- Purple. Classy, attractive, and ready to draw something awesome!

Q- What t-shirt in your closet best describes your personality and why?
A-Probably this black tee that says "La bella donna certo l'amo" in white font.

Q- Describe your ideal date?
A- I like spending time outdoors, so I am a big fan of hikes, picnics and looking at the stars. Then I would like to go inside, have a cup of tea, snuggle up and watch a movie.

Q- Any upcoming plans in the works for you we should know about?
A- We have a lot of things in the works, but nothing that can be released yet! Just keep up with us, we will be releasing new tours, music, and more soon!

Q- Anything else you’d like to include about you?
A- All you Tweeters out there, hit me up! @theafterparty and @andybelltap. I hope to see all of you at the Spring Fling Party Tour!

Q- What’s your favorite flavor popsicle?
A- I'm not a huge popsicle eater, but I like lemon! Or the mixed berry ones with real fruit inside.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Free Downloads

Check out these free downloads from Phanthom and Lionize:

Read these descriptions of the two bands and make sure to check out their free tunes!

"It’s no an easy task for a band to bridge the gap between two very distinct groups of music fans, but MD reggae/stoner rock act Lionize has done just that as they gear up for a summer long stint on the Vans Warped Tour and a June 11 appearance on Bonnaroo. The band and their label, LA-based independent Hardline Entertainment, are now offering a free download of “Killers and Crooks” their collaboration with David Hinds and Selwyn Brown (of legendary reggae act, Steel Pulse) which appears on the band’s latest release Destruction Manual."

"LA rockers Phathom are preparing to release their new record “The New Piracy” through Hardline on May 24 and are also offering a free download of “Song 1” the lead track off the album.
Having formed as freshmen in high school, Phathom has managed to maintain its original lineup while staying true to their musical craft and independent ideals. The band, consisting of Matthew Sikora, Jason Zielonka, Yannick d'Assignies, and Anton Tilgren masterly blend their musical influences consisting of the likes of Muse, Thrice and Rise Against into a very modern rock sound of their own."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Check out Jennette McCurdy's New Video for "Generation Love"

Tune Into L favorite Jennette McCurdy's music video for her new single "Generation Love" is premiering on Nick at 9:30 PM this Saturday! Make sure to check it out!

If you haven't heard the song yet, check out this fan made lyric video.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Downtown Fiction's New Single is Available on Itunes Now

In true TDF fashion the boys have delievered yet another catchy single off their debut album "Let's Be Animals."

Make sure to check them out on the Let's Be Animals headlining tour, which starts today. Check out for dates and info! 

Need Help With What to Wear This Spring?

Spring 2011 Trend Forecast
By: Leslie Chen

As the dreary days of winter disappear and spring flowers begin to bloom, it signals the re-awakening of your wardrobe. It's time to pack away those dark colours of winter and welcome the flirty and fun styles of spring!
Every season there are new trends and looks seen throughout the runways which trickle down to storefront windows and eventually to the streets. This spring, the styles are fun and bold; right on cue for the spirit of the season.

As evidenced through the spring runways, bold colours and 70s inspired looks are in. Don't be afraid to wear some hot pink or neon yellow this season, because you'll be right in step with the fun spring colours. If you want to be even more daring, you can combine these two colours together (or more) to create a fun outfit that will definitely get you noticed wherever you go.
Looks reminiscent of the 70s are also really popular for spring. I don't know about you guys, but I've always wished to have lived in this era that's all about love, peace, and disco. It just looks like so much fun; and now I finally can! Well, sort of. It's easy to incorporate the 70s into your spring wardrobe; just add some pretty florals into the mix.

Other popular looks found on the runway were menswear-inspired styles, lace, and soft, clean, romantic fashions. The top looks for spring encapsulate exactly what I imagine the season to be: fun, flirty, and sweet. These trends really make me excited for the season; I can't wait for spring to be in full bloom.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage Shopping With ModCloth

By: Oleena Mak

Now that vintage is back in style, many people have come to the harsh realization that shopping for those old classics might not be as easy as they thought. Whether it’s the thrift store or the back of your mom’s closest that you shop at, looking for authentic, vintage clothing can be a hassle. However, completely redefines the shopping experience and takes it online. This retro, indie “e-store” releases several new products every single day. Frills, floral and fabulous prints; all the designs are unique, but still modern while being fashionably vintage. There is no doubt something for everyone with the wide range of products. But if you really want that one-of-a-kind item, the vintage section of the site is where you really want to keep your eyes out for. Almost everyday, one new item is sold for a steal; literally, only one. After that single stocked item is sold, it’s gone.

Believe it or not though, what makes this store really special isn’t the clothing, but the adorable accessories and décor. How often do you see a clothing store that sells equally as amazing furnishing? Notebooks, cameras, cups, shower curtains and even wallpaper are all sold on the site. These fun, patterned and character-based items are absolutely charming and quirky enough to brighten up your home.

Even if you’re not actually looking to buy anything, is still an extremely fun and interesting site to browse around and “window shop” for inspiration or simply leisure. The number of products and options are endless; the only problem is resisting the temptation to take out your credit card!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The video for THIS IS WAR is finally here!

The video for THIS IS WAR is finally here!

Exclusive Interview with Chase Coy

Chase Coy released his new album Indiana Sun on Tuesday. Tune Into L had the opportunity to ask him a few questions before his release. Check out the interview below and get to know someone who will inevitably become your new favorite singer/songerwriter.

Don't forget to pick up his album on itunes!

Q- So, you have a new album coming out this week. Can you tell us about that?

A- This album is the first record I have recorded and released independently since "Look How Far We've Come" and I think my time in the studio recording Picturesque is going to show. The whole record feels more polished and varied than my older releases, and also lyrically I think it's more mature.

Q- You've been on tour lately? How's that been?

A- It's been great! I love getting out on the road and meeting new people, and spending time with my friends. I just got back from Canada, and that was a blast.

Q- How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard of you or listened to your music?

A- It's acoustic, indie singer/songwriter music. Kind of a cross between Dashboard Confessional and Paul Simon.

Q- What makes you different from every other musician out there?

A- That's a bit of an involved question, but I think I'll just leave it up to people to check out the music for themselves and decide if they think it's different and worth listening to.

Q- What song of yours would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to your music before?

A- I really like the new songs "Seasons" and "I Fell In Love Once".

Q- Who writes all your songs? Where do you get inspiration for the songs?

A- I write all my own songs, and I just get inspiration from my life, as boring as that sounds. I think all writers pull from their own experiences, because that's the key to writing emotional and engaging music.

Q- What has been your biggest challenge so far as an artist?

A- I think my greatest challenge has been really pushing myself to grow and mature as an artist.

Q- What has been your favorite show to play and why?

A-Any shows where the kids were awesome and brought some energy to the show. At the end of the day, it's pretty easy to ignore anything else that is less than perfect if the audience is really excited to be there.

Q- How do you get pumped up for a show?

A-I tend to try and just spend some quiet time before the show. It gets me focused and really engaged in the music the I perform.

Q- What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about performing?

A-I love playing for kids and being able to just perform a song once and be done with it, as opposed to the thousands of takes you may record in the studio. That it probably my favorite and least favorite part wrapped into one. I like the way you can just play a show and then move on from it, but it's also frustrating sometimes to not be able to get every single thing perfect.

Q- Who is someone you would like to tour with?

A-I'd love to tour with Colbie Caillat, I always thought it would be cool to be able to perform the duet I recorded with her in a live setting.

Q- Out of all the songs you've recorded/written which is your favorite?

A- It switches around a lot, but at the moment it's probably "I Fell In Love Once."

Q- What do you hope you’re doing with your music/accomplishing in a year?

A- I just want to be able to keep making music for my living. I don't have a whole lot of goals beyond that.

Q- Do you have any advice for someone who wants to pursue a career in music?

A-Don't pursue a career. Just make music because you love doing it, and if the rest falls into place and you get to do it without having a second job, great. If not, you'll be fine too because it's just something you love.

Q- What has been your weirdest experience with a fan?

A-My fans have been pretty normal. Every once in a while you get someone who's just a bit awkward, but nothing too strange luckily.

Q-Who first inspired you to go after your dreams of music?

A-My parents have always been really supportive, and I think they're still my main supporters.

Q- What’s one quote or lyric that inspires you most?

A- "Always do what you are afraid to do."

Q- What’s something your fans don’t know about you?

A-I can juggle and make balloon animals. Apparently, I'm a funny nose and a rainbow wig away from being a clown haha.

Q- When writing a song what comes first the lyrics, the tune..etc?

A-Just depends, but typically I start with a little guitar part or a single lyric, and then write the rest of the song with music and lyrics at the same time.

Q- If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose and why?

A-Maybe James Taylor or Paul Simon because they're both incredibly talented.

Q- If you had to be any color crayon which color would you choose?


Q- What t-shirt in your closet best describes your personality and why?

A-Probably a grey v-neck. I like to keep things simple and neutral and kind of just go with the flow.

Q- Describe your ideal date?

A-Just staying in, popping in a movie, and then completely ignoring it because you get so wrapped up in the conversation you're having.

Q- Any upcoming plans in the works for you we should know about?

A-I'm hoping to release another album this year, and a lot more touring!

Q- What’s your favorite flavor popsicle?


Acoustic performances rock! Check out Runner Runner's #HeyAlli and #ICantWait

Acoustic performances rock! Check out Runner Runner's #HeyAlli and #ICantWait

New Beastie Boys Album Coming Soon!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kanenball on Dancing with the Stars

Ok, so I have officially decided that Tune Into L is endorsing Chelsea and Mark this season on Dancing with the Stars. I may be a Steelers fan, but when a team dances a classical ballroom dance and makes it look cool...I'd say that's a winner in my book!

Check out this video from their performance last night when they performed the Viennese Waltz to the Harry Potter song.


New Music Alert

The Ready Set's song "Young Forever" is finally available on Itunes today. Check it out along with an acoustic version of the song, a new song called Operator, and the Valentines Day "Love Like Woe" video.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Diggy Simmons on Tour This Summer

Diggy Simmons is joining the Mindless Behavior Tour with Mindless Behavior and other bands. Check out the dates below. For more info visit:

July 13 – Columbia, SC
July 14 – Charlotte, NC
July 15 – Greensboro, NC
July 16 – Atlanta, GA
July 17 – Birmingham, AL
July 20 – Louisville, KY
July 21 – Memphis, TN
July 22 – Dallas/Grand Prairie, TX
July 23 – Houston, TX
July 24 – New Orleans, LA
July 27 – Cincinnati, OH
July 28 – St. Louis, MO
July 29 – Chicago, IL
July 30 – Detroit, MI
July 31 – Cleveland, OH
August 3 – Philadelphia, PA
August 4 – Richmond, VA
August 5 – Baltimore, MD
August 6 – D.C.
August 7 – Norfolk, VA
August 10 – New York, NY
August 13 – Oakland, CA
August 14 – Los Angeles, CA

Record Review- An Ocean Between

An Ocean Between - The Calm Before The Summer Storm EP

By: Lauren Parks

An Ocean Between is a fresh and young band from Virginia Beach. This female fronted band is definitely a breath of fresh air to the pop punk genre that is heavily male dominated. Having a sound like All Time Low and Jimmy Eat World and having played shows with Action Item, Amely, We Are The In Crowd, and School Boy Humor people are starting to take notice of this young new band. Since they are growing in popularity An Ocean Between will be attending a music camp in South Carolina this summer.

 An Ocean Between just released their very first EP in November of this past year. The ep doesn’t start off full swing with a big fast tempo song. The ep starts off with just some music, but it definitely gets you excited and pumped for the songs on the rest of ep. My favorite song on this ep is their song When Escalators Attack (You and Me). The music and lyrics for this song are great. This song is also very catchy and will have you singing along with it. My least favorite song would have to be Just Keep Swimming. While it’s a god song it just doesn’t have me singing along to it.The songs range from up tempo pop punk songs to ballads. They also have a guest vocalist in The Summer Storm, member of the former band Victory By Revenge and current member of See Camden, Casey Phillips. This ep has something for everyone. Keep your eye on this band because they are definitely going places.

New Summer Tour!

Looks like Good Charlotte, Yellowcard and Runner Runner will be hitting the road together this summer. Dates and info haven't been released yet, but check out for all the details!

Digitour Check it out!

Check out Selena Gomez's New Film Monte Carlo

Opening July 1st.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Is Forever- We The Kings

Has everyone checked out the new song "Friday is Forever" by We the Kings. It's streaming for listen right now on AOL so go check it out!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Possibly the Hottest Indie Tour of the Summer

We the Kings + The Summer Set + The Downtown Fiction + Action Item= One Hot Summer Tour.

Tickets & Dates will be released soon. The tour is said to be a full U.S. tour and will start in July.

Fight Fair to Release New EP

From a News Release:

On May 17, CA’s FIGHT FAIR returns with a new Triple Crown Records EP titled Broken, which harkens back to the band’s roots. “After trying something new on our debut LP California Kicks, we wanted to do a record of songs that shows where the band came from, going back to our debut EP Settle The Score,” says front man Alex Bigman.

“The Broken EP is the culmination of our progression and the experiences we've had as a band in the past 7 years. With the help of producer Sam Pura at the Panda Studios in Fremont California, we created an exciting new record that explores issues of friendship, relationships, and life changes. With 5 songs at a fast 10 minute length, Broken is a record for everyone who's followed us since the beginning,” explains Bigman. “We have a very eclectic taste in music and we used that dynamic when creating this EP”

With 2 previous EPs, a full length, and numerous national tours, including a spot on the entire Warped Tour last summer, Fight Fair has no plans of stopping now. 

For more info check out

Christina Grimmie Going on Tour With Selena Gomez and Allstar Weekend!

Jennette McCurdy

So I've been really in love with ICarly lately. I think I've watched every episode at least 15 times since I started watching the show earlier this week. What can I say, I get obsessive when I find a new entertainment that I like.

In true Lauren fashion I've been YouTube stalking the stars of the popular tv show. And let me say that this is NOT what I expected from the same girl who plays Sam. Damn this girl can sing! Check out Jennette McCurdy's cover of "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts. I was truly blown away when I listened to this cover.

Make sure to check out her debut ep "Generation Love" on Itunes now!

Let me know who's your favorite double threat (singer/actor)?

NKOTBSB- Don't Turn Out the Lights

Has everyone heard the new NKOTBSB song "Don't Turn Out the Lights". Apparently the two bands are collaborating on an album to go along with their much anticipated summer tour. This song is combining my love for boy bands and getting me hot for summer.

What are your thoughts on the song? Sound off below and let me know!

Check out the Spring Fling Party Tour!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Free?

Check out this free download of "Breaking and Entering" by Tonight Alive!

In much the same way the voices of Hayley Williams and Cassadee Pope have captivated musical audiences Jenna McDougall, from the Pop Punk band Tonight Alive, is sure to captivate you in this awesome single from the band. Make sure to check out the video on the site that features behind the scenes footage of the band as well as some live performance footage.

Check out the band on tour NOW with Forever the Sickest Kids on the Spring Break Your Heart Tour!

Learn to Dance From Snooki

Snooki Talking about her Jersey Shore Experience

Snooki Talks about Her Experience On The Jersey Shore

We The Kings US Tour

We The Kings said to be planning a US tour.
by Katlyn Michaels

Powerpop/rock band We The Kings out of Bradenton, Florida is said to be planning a US tour for the summer/fall! The tour would most likely be to promote their new album, which has finished recording as of this month. The album will feature new song such as "Over You", "Every Single Dollar", and "Party, Fun, Love, and Radio."

 A few days ago the band posted a status on their Facebook page, asking fans to suggest some bands they'd love to see We The Kings do a tour with. High suggested bands including The Maine, Forever The Sickest Kids, You Me At Six, and All Time Low. Shortly after posting the status, lead-singer and guitarist Travis Clark tweeted at Josh Franceschi of You Me At Six, asking when he was available for tour. Josh replied and stated his band would be available for the end of July and the beginning of August. It's likely that the bands could team up for a tour since Josh is featured on one of the tracks from the upcoming WTK album! The band released a statement again via Facebook on March 30th saying quote, "Working on the next US tour now:) Get stoked!!!".

The band has some upcoming performances in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, New York and Arizona. They will performing at the Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey on May 1st.

For more information you can check out the band's Facebook (, Twitter (, or Tumblr (

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miley Cyrus Returns to Twitter

Check her out: @gypsyheartstour. Now if only she could bring that Gypsy Hearts Tour to the US...

In Case You Missed It: Chelsea Kane Dancing to Chelsea By The Summer Set on Week 3 of DWTS

All Time Low Releases New Single

After two years non-stop touring and recording on their DGC/Interscope debut Dirty Work, All Time Low have returned with their new song "I Feel Like Dancin,'" available digitally. The track is the lead single from the group's major label debut Dirty Work, set for release on June 7 and hailed by Alternative Press as one of the most eagerly awaited albums in their "Most Anticipated Music of 2011" feature.

For "I Feel Like Dancin,'" All Time Low singer-guitarist Alex Gaskarth teamed up with none other than Rivers Cuomo for one marathon writing session at the Weezer frontman's home. The result is an infectious, party-starting rocker that's poised to be one of the defining songs of Summer 2011. "I threw it out there as a shot in the dark," Gaskarth says of approaching Cuomo about the collaboration. "But he responded that he was into the idea. It was a really rad experience."

On their fourth album Dirty Work, All Time Low teamed up with some of rock's top producers, including Matt Squire (who produced All Time Low's last two albums, Nothing Personal and So Wrong It's Right), Mike Green (Paramore), Butch Walker (Weezer), and John Fields (Switchfoot). The album also features guest vocals from Majar Ivarsson of Swedish indie-rock group The Sounds on the track "Guts."

To get fans psyched for the release, All Time Low will host autograph signings for those who pre-purchase Dirty Work and an exclusive t-shirt at Hot Topic stores across the country. The signings kick off April 15th in Anaheim, CA.

Formed in 2003 as high school students, All Time Low have become one of pop-punk's hottest new bands. They've cultivated a devoted fanbase and released a string of highly successful albums, EPs, and live DVDs.

Check out these Hot Topic Signings!
ANAHEIM, CAFriday, April 15th at 3:30pm
Main Place Mall
Hot Topic
2800 N. Main STSanta Ana, CA  92705*wristband distribution TODAY at this location*

SEATTLE, WAMonday, April 18th at 3pm
Southcenter Mall
Hot Topic
2676 Southcenter Mall
Tukwila, WA  98188*wristband distribution TODAY at this location*

MINNEAPOLIS, MNThursday, April 21st at 3:00pm
Ridgedale CenterHot Topic
12549 Wayzata Bl.
Minnetonka, MN  55305*wristband distribution begins at this location on 4/6*

CLEVELAND, OHTuesday, April 26th at 4pm
South Park Mall
Hot Topic
500 Southpaw Center
Strongsville, OH 44136-9320*wristband distribution begins at this location on 4/12*

Friday, April 29th at 4pm
Lincolnwood Town CenterHot Topic 
3333 W Touhy AveLincolnwood, IL 60712-2753*wristband distribution begins at this location on 4/12*

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