Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm With The In Crowd

By: Lauren Miler              
                Last Tuesday April 26th I finally popped my Forever the Sickest cherry when the boys from Texas rolled into the Recher in Towson, Maryland. Even though they totally exceeded my expectations and were the main reason I went to the Spring Break Your Heart tour, We Are the In Crowd was the band that impressed me this time around.
               Keep in mind that I’d seen WATIC three times prior to this show on the Glamour Kills tour in March.  But of course those shows I was too jazzed about seeing The Downtown Fiction to really pay attention to any of the other sets. Thursday was the first time I actually listened to them.
               I was truly impressed by the stage presence of this band. Taylor Jardine quickly became one of my favorite lead singers. Not only does she have a killer voice, but she was also one of the nicest, most down to earth lead singers I’ve ever met. And she did all this while feeling sick. I wanna take this time to give crazy mad props to her.
               After the show I took the time to download their album Guaranteed to Disagree. A key track for me on this album was definitely “Never Be What You Want.” With lyrics like “and here’s the part, where I started to make, my own damn decisions, and make a name for myself,” anyone who’s ever tried to pursue something that’s against the grain could find this song easy to connect to. 
               And the song that opens the band’s set, “Carry Me Home,” is an equally catchy song. The play between Taylor and Jordan’s voices is really amazing in this song. This dueting works very well for the band and is what makes them different and valuable to listen to.
               Make sure to catch the band on the Spring Break Your Heart Tour with Forever the Sickest Kids. If you can’t see this tour keep an eye out for their summer tour with Taking Back Sunday, Thursday and Colour Revolt.

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