Monday, April 11, 2011

Record Review- An Ocean Between

An Ocean Between - The Calm Before The Summer Storm EP

By: Lauren Parks

An Ocean Between is a fresh and young band from Virginia Beach. This female fronted band is definitely a breath of fresh air to the pop punk genre that is heavily male dominated. Having a sound like All Time Low and Jimmy Eat World and having played shows with Action Item, Amely, We Are The In Crowd, and School Boy Humor people are starting to take notice of this young new band. Since they are growing in popularity An Ocean Between will be attending a music camp in South Carolina this summer.

 An Ocean Between just released their very first EP in November of this past year. The ep doesn’t start off full swing with a big fast tempo song. The ep starts off with just some music, but it definitely gets you excited and pumped for the songs on the rest of ep. My favorite song on this ep is their song When Escalators Attack (You and Me). The music and lyrics for this song are great. This song is also very catchy and will have you singing along with it. My least favorite song would have to be Just Keep Swimming. While it’s a god song it just doesn’t have me singing along to it.The songs range from up tempo pop punk songs to ballads. They also have a guest vocalist in The Summer Storm, member of the former band Victory By Revenge and current member of See Camden, Casey Phillips. This ep has something for everyone. Keep your eye on this band because they are definitely going places.

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