Thursday, May 19, 2011

We The Kings and The Downtown Fiction Free Show Coverage

We The Kings & The Downtown Fiction Free Show

By: Lauren Parks
It was your typical blistering hot summer day in South Carolina on Sunday. People drinking bottles of water and fanning themselves trying to keep themselves, but that didn’t seem to matter as people lined up in front of the barricade waiting for The Downtown Fiction to take the stage and We The Kings following after The Downtown Fictions set at the Spartanburg Spring Fling in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Going to this show was a spur of the moment thing that some friends and I found out about just hours before they were supposed to go on stage. We found out by just listening to a somewhat local radio station who was participating in the festival. The bands did not mention this little show at all until just a few hours before. It was a free show that the Spartanburg radio station B93.7 had sponsored for the festival. Not only did they have The Downtown Fiction and We The Kings play at this festival, but they also had Hot Chelle Rae playing the Friday before, The Ready Set played that Saturday, and Kris Allen playing after We The Kings.

The Downtown Fiction took the stage first, but only where able to play four songs because it took so long to get set up and they had to stay on schedule. Even though they only played four songs they still played with as much passion and enthusiasm as if they were playing a regular show on their tour they had just ended the day before. They connected with the crowd and got everyone jumping around and singing along. Their short set included their songs Best I Never Had, She Knows, Your Voice, and I Just Wanna Run.

After The Downtown Fiction finished playing We The Kings took the stage and started their set off with one of their older songs Skyway Avenue. This songs definitely got everyone pumped and had everyone jumping around and singing along at the top of their lungs. With all the songs they played from different albums you could tell how their sound has changed, but at the same time it stayed true to who they are as band and the things that all of their fans love about their music. Along with playing their own songs they also did a cover of The Middle by Jimmy Eat World because it is one of Travis’ favorite songs. Even though it wasn’t their own song they still did an amazing job covering it and the crowd loved it no matter if they were 22 like my friend or girls in the crowd who were 14.

Their set list included:
- Skyway Avenue
- She Takes Me High
- Friday Is Forever
- We’ll Be A Dream
- The Middle (Cover) - Jimmy Eat World
- Secret Valentine
- Check Yes Juliet

As it was announced We The Kings and The Downtown Fiction are going on a summer tour together along with The Summer Set, Hot Chelle Rae, and Action Item. It was like the small show Sunday was a little sneak peak as to what is to come with the summer tour and I can say if that’s the case then their summer tour will definitely not disappoint and everyone who is going to a show will have a fun time.

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