Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Review: Risky Business

So Much To Say...So Little Time
By: Lauren Miller

Who am I kidding this is my site I have unlimited room to talk about this book! But in the interest of keeping your attention I'll keep this short and sweet!

Risky Business is one book in Nicole O'Dell's Scenarios series. The best way to think of this series is as the equivalent of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, but instead of choosing what physical path the characters go down you get to choose what moral path each character goes down.

In the first story in this book- Molly and her friends are faced with the dilemma of whether to steal some beautiful dresses from Molly's job for a holiday dance at school.

The second story follows Kate a character who begins the story lost after her father's passing, her sister's marriage, and her friend's move. She later finds comfort in her passion for swimming, but is faced with a moral dilemma when her swim mates offer her energy drinks and pills to help her perform better.

Both of these scenarios are no doubt scenarios most teenage girls confront, which is the genius of these books. Some books present characters who aren't relatable or unrealistic for the average teen. Others create overly crazy plots lines that would never happen in real life, but O'Dell's apparent understanding of the teenage girl's mind makes this a great read! The added benefit of conscious guidance makes this book a certain "kid tested, parent approved" choice.

Overall I would highly recommend this book for any young female- teenage or adult- everyone has something to learn from this fun, quick read.

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