Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catch Up With Susannah Barber

Check out this new interview with our favorite fashion guru Susannah Barber.

Q- I'm loving these seasonal conversations we have. Last time we talked was back in the winter, what have you been up to since then?

Haha, seasonal is a good way to describe it. I've been working hard on the new line, it'll be coming sometime in 2012. I've also been doing school, of course. I've kept myself pretty busy.

Q- You said something about a new line and new products. What can we expect from your new stuff?

I think you can expect to see a lot detailed work. The previous line was pretty much a cookie cutter design slapped onto a shirt. The new designs have a lot more time put into them. You can definitely expect to see some themes in the new designs, a lot of things that inspire me such as constellations and maybe some feathers. I really wanted to make the designs for guys and girls, a lot of the previous shirts were either for guys or for girls, you couldn't really mix it up. There will also be some dreamcatcher keychains and necklaces, maybe even some feather hair ties.

Q- Since it's almost summer concert season, are there any tours you'll be hanging around at where fans can meet you?

I'll be at all of the Texas Warped Tour dates, I'll get there early the day of and tweet my location and what bands I'll be seeing so the fans can come hang out with me and watch some friends perform. I think it's a great way to hang out with the fans and get to know them better. The fans are the people who allow me to do what I love and I really do want to meet every single one of them and thank them personally. It always makes my day getting tweets and emails from them! I also will be hanging out on another tour, but I don't think I can release that info yet!

Q- What do you think has been the biggest change and/or lesson you've learned through Love Translates since way back in November when we first started talking?

I think owning my own business when I started at 16 was a huge eye opener. Most girls my age were focused on what they were going to wear to their first high school dance, I was focused on sending in my LLC on time to get my name legally attached to my line. I think that owning your own business at such a young age really tests your patience and understanding of the real world. It's not all fun and games, you have to take into consideration where printing your shirts will be most productive, you have to take in details like pricing/quality/etc and then how much you have to price your shirts at to actually start making a profit. I think the biggest thing I learned was that it's okay to ask from help.

Q- Of course as Tune Into L's go to for fasion advice any new trends or looks you're looking at rocking this summer?

I have an odd style when it comes to fashion. Half of my closet is tank tops and the other half is either flannels or blouses. I really love a cute tank top under a rugged flannel with some Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Q- Any new band/song obsessions?
I love Jason Reeves right now, all of his songs are amazing. I hate seeing artists as talented as himself so underrated, it's a slap in the face to ears that love music. I'm also digging The Maine's new album Black and White.

Q- Any thing else you'd like to share about Love Translates for the readers?

Love Translates is going to be coming back 10x better and teaming up with some great bands and solo artists. There will be collabs throughout the next year and I cannot wait for everyone to see what I've been working on for the past year! I hope to see some of you at Warped Tour, and if you don't live in/near Texas I'll be hanging out on another tour as well! See ya then.

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