Friday, May 6, 2011

A Little Bit More About The Royal Wedding

Check out Tune Into L contributor Katie's take on the Royal Wedding.
By: Katie Kai

Kate Middleton, and William stayed up all night for a ceremony with there closet family and friends.                Willam is taking Kate on a secret honeymoon location that nobody even the bride knows about.

Do you guys think they should have a kid right now or wait a little bit longer?

The fashions were amazing everyone thought Lady Gaga was at the wedding, but it was really Fergie. 

What do you think of Kate’s dress?

Here’s a little London fact only in London do the brides maids match the bride that’s why Kate sister was also wearing white.

You also see a lot of things Princess Diana did.

William bit his lip and was so nervous getting the ring on that he had to pound the ring on her finger to get it to stay.

When you have a wedding in London that’s also a day off from school how cool is that?

They also spent a lot of money on a fruit cake, but I dunno about you but that’s not my favorite cake in the world.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little snippet


  1. I was under the impression that Kate was already pregnant?

  2. I heard that from someone as well. But I haven't seen it in any magazines. The magazine reporting the pregnancy is Star magazine. Apparently they've announced a Kate pregnancy before in June 2010. Other reports talk about the possibilit of her getting pregnant soon. I think that might be the most likely story.