Friday, May 6, 2011

New Release: Sparks Ep from Breanne Duren

 By: Lauren Miller

You might recognize her as the keyboardist and vocalist from Owl City. If not definitely check out the song "The Salt Water Room" and come back to this review.

That sweet, female voice you heard on the track was Breanne and now you can enjoy her beautiful voice on her newly released, debut ep Sparks. There's honestly not a lot I need to say about this ep, I think it really speaks for itself. In a musical world where everything is hyperactive and highly synthesized dancey-pop with girls throwing their junk around, Breanne offers a breathe of fresh air (could I have been any more cliche with that statement?). Her soft, feminine voice is a pleasure to listen to any time of day, but I will say that her ep is a perfect for that time of day when you're looking to calm down from a busy day.

The ep has only 5 songs "Gold Mine," "No One Else," "Catapult," Daydreams," and "Summer Days" and is only $1.99 on Itunes.

Check out for more info on Breanne.

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