Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quote of the Day

By: Lauren Miller

So I was watching Sweet Home Alabama this afternoon and I realized how much I love quotes. Check out the left side of this page if you need confirmation- I have a few sprinkled into my layout. So I decided it would be fun to have a little quote of the day action going down on this site. 

Every day I'm going to make an effort to post one awesome, amazing, stupid, funny, unbelieveable quote. It might be from movies, music, tv, the news, anywhere. And if you have suggestions feel free to Tweet them to me (@tuneintol) or email them to me and your quote just might find it's way to this page.

For my first quote I'm gonna go with two lines from Sweet Home Alabama. Apparently tonight I'm a hopeless romantic.

Melanie- "What would you wanna marry me for?"
Jake- "So I can kiss you any time I want."

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